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COSS Coin is known as Crypto-One-Stop-Solution. COSS tokens is included all the main features of digital currency. It is a revenue-generating cryptocurrency. It is Ethereum blockchain-based ERC20 token. In the COSS Coin platforms revenue generated through systems, includes payment gateway / POS, an exchange, a merchant list, market cap rankings, a marketplace, an e-wallet, various coin facilities, and a mobile platform.

COSS owners get revenue from transaction fees taken by the COSS system for every transaction. It aims to make blockchain technology easily available to everyone. The COSS token holders will get revenue based on their shares and will be paid on a weekly basis.

There are some vital problems in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology that may get defeat by adopting COSS. Three barriers are :

The ease of use or user friendly: Newbies can’t use current technologies instantly, deep learning needed and they feel unsafe for their money.

Fluctuations of price: Nowadays it’s very hard to store altcoins because of fluctuations in price and lack of liquidity, which may keep users’ funds at risk.

Governance: Centralized governance is taken in large mining pools as big miners keep a large amount of bitcoin supply.

To solve these problems of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology a Singapore based COSS platform is launched. With many unique features and will add some new features.

The mission of COSS Coin :

The first aim of COSS is to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses and allowing users to get the experience of accessing the available cryptocurrency services and products in one place. coss coin exchange

From the very first moment, a customer decides to use cryptocurrency users will be guided through the platform and its features. Protected from unwanted negative experiences the platform aims to become the most preferred medium, giving the right suggestion to use cryptocurrencies. coss coin exchange

For this purpose, the COSS platform is equipped with its own token, wallet, exchange, merchant platform, payment gateway/POS, and a list of features that are closely related to the use of the crypto.

The vision of COSS:

The vision of the COSS Token team is very clear and approach for the development of Crypto-One-Stop-Solution. On the track to massive cryptocurrency adoption, we do not allow the limiting belief systems to interfere with the development of the COSS Token platform. how to buy coss coin.

Team of COSS are ready to accept changes that the rapidly evolving technologies bring and implement it into there strategy that implies the following steps, issuing tokens with real value. how to buy a coss coin.

Enhancing the security of the system, adopting disruptive innovations, expanding the network of customers by providing high-quality services, rewarding users for bringing new merchants and affiliates on board, providing for all the cryptocurrency users’ needs via one-stop-solution services, and many others.

1 ETH= 600 COSS.

COSS ICO was launched on 8th Aug 2017 and will end on 6th Sept 2017. A total of 130,000,000 COSS tokens will be available.  Early birds may get up to a 15% bonus, first 5 days of COSS Coin ICO participants can get a 15 percent bonus, for the next 5 days can get a 10% bonus, for the next 5 days then 6% bonus and then 4 percent and for last 5 days no bonus. COSS will available for trading on 20th Sept.

COSS Coin ICO fund distribution plan; 50% to development, user experience, roadmap completion. 25% to merger and acquisitions. 10% for marketing. 10% for operations. 5% for shareholders, Board of Directors, advisory board.

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