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Top 10 Free Bitcoin Mining Pool With Best Payout Rates

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Bitcoin mining is not that much easy as it was before 2015. Because of block size, it makes mining harder. Miners always prefer the mining pool to solo mining. More miners in the pool more chance of mining Coins. Chinese mining pool mostly covers 50% of the whole mining pool industry.

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Top Bitcoin Mining Pool

BTC.com: This mining pool covers 18% of the total mining pool. It is owned by Bitmain who is the owner of AntPool. BTC.com charges a 1.5% fee which works on the PPS model. The site uses Cloudflare to avoid DDoS attacks. The site is mostly famous because of its transparency. BTC.com is managed in China.

AntPool: Antpool is managed from China and it operates by Bitmain. Antpool offers PPLNS(0%) and PPS (2.5%) models. The fee is not disclosed by Antpool. There is no minimum payout but users at least must have 0.001 BTC and payment proceed daily. Antpool offers 2fA, wallet locks, and email alerts for security measures.

F2Pool: F2Pool covers almost 10% of the whole mining industry. F2Pool is based in China. It was launched in 2013. Payouts made daily with fees of 4% on the PPS reward system. Users are not allowed to change their email address after registration. The minimum payout is 0.001 BTC.

Slush: SlushPool is covering 9% of the market share. Slush Pool is the first Bitcoin mining pool that launched in the year 2010. Slushpool is run by Satoshi Labs. The fee is 2%. The minimum balance required to withdraw is 0.0002 BTC.

Slush Pool uses 2FA, wallet address lock along with read-only login token for security.

BTC.top: Operates from China. This is the private mining pool hence you can’t join.

Above are some best and safest Bitcoin mining. There are more on the internet but amongst them, this is the oldest with trust Bitcoin Mining Pool.

How To Join Bitcoin Mining Pool?

To join the bitcoin mining pool you just need to install and connect the mining pool. 

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