Bitcoin Faucet Scripts

You want to start your own faucet?then this post for you. If you dont have knowledge about coding or programming,it’s not a problem.We listed here scripts which will really help you.Here we collected most popular faucet scripts

To start faucet you have to choose one of these scripts and upload it into your hosting,i suggest you to use faucetsystem modified to faucethub can get it from here.

To run your faucet for long term you need fund and you can get that by showing ads on your faucet,click here to get best ad networks list.

List updated on 2nd April 2018



Faucetbox micropayments service was closed,but their faucet script is still active and is one of the most used faucet scripts.The newest version of script can be used on faucethub,epay and faucetsystem service.

2.ePay  SCAM.

Their script and features looks like professional ones.

  • Ready to use script,fully integrated with epay’s API.
  • Their free scripts have all the essential features,but if you want your faucet to stand out of the crowd then you can opt for scratch or wheel faucet script.
  • Minimal configuration required.
  • 0% transaction fees.
  • They have their own faucet rotator.


Newest bitcoin script with great features

  • Integration with Faucetsystem AntibotInside
  • Detecting user country,you can set special coefficient or ban certain country.
  • Recaptcha and solve media captcha service.
  • Jackpot module.

***If you want use faucetsystem script on Facuethub serice then click here.

4.Salmen’s Faucethub script

In this script you can change reward from minimum to maximum amount-it generate a random payout

It blocks VPN/Proxy and you can put Bitcoin Address or IP address on blacklist and they will get error after solving the captcha.

You can add HTML sites or change the three advertising spots.

The payment will be stores in the account.The users can withdraw it anytime to faucethub and see stats like total claims or 24 hours stats.

A small fee of maximum 3 satoshi will be sent to the owner for each claim.



This script or plugin is made by You can use Faucethub as payment option.And try to update it always.I think it is safe for adsense by posting some content on site.


This script was not Xapo’s official script,it made by one of users and it is a one of the  popular scripts.Reward are sent direct to Xapo.They dont provide any personal help you have to setup it by your own.

7.Faucet with dice 

Faucet+Dice is a bitcoin faucet also has a fully functional dice game where users can play with their game earnings.Site is PHP and Javascript. Antibot with Google’s reCaptcha.

8. FaucetHub PTCWALL

Integrated Faucet System. They are updating script on thread.

– Mining System
– Withdraw System
– Transactions List (LIVE).

9. CoinBox

Faucethub supported. The best faucethub script if you love to put shortlinks on your faucet.

Main Features

– Multi shortlinks support

– BitCaptcha

– Faucet statistics on homepage

10. FaucetCMS (deep64)

FaucetHub integrated system also they will add XAPO and direct payment option too. Admins can view Detailed statistics for claims including IP, User-Agent, BTC addr, system language.

Visitors Demo

Admin Demo 



Paid Faucet scripts:


11.JQuery script

This script based on JQuery,PHP,MySQL.Script looks very cool and good.It has a good adjustable protection against bots immediately by many factors.

Few Features:

  • smooth loading
  • countup rewards
  • Ban ISP
  • 1Concurrent claim per IP
  • Detect Bots and ban instant
  • Easy to configure.only adjust the setting
  • Payout to faucethub or Xapo

The price of the script is 0.019BTC

You have to send him personal message to get script.

Main Features:

  • Responsive CSS-works on Mobile,Tablet and PC
  • Claen Layout-Simple design without the clutter.
  • Proxy Blocker-Block most proxies from accessing.
  • NastyHost-Blocks the other bad IP’s(i never like this feature bcoz they block me without any reason 🙂 )
  • Solvemedia captcha
  • Makejar 5.50 antibot links
  • Failed attempt lock out -lock users from claiming if faila captcha or antibot too many times.
  • One claim per IP/Addy- IP&Addy both logged with time and checked before each claim.
  • Use BTC, LTC or DOGE

The price of this script 25$ new price 100$.


13.Gambling Faucet

This script includes such games as coin-Flipper,Grid-Games,Guess the Number.

Main Features:

  • Robust,flexible,secure and easy to use.
  • Contains news system.
  • Have gaming system.
  • contains contact form.
  • Login/Register based site.
  • Recaptch and Solvemedia captcha to slay bots.Secure anti-bot system.
  • Ban bots and multiple accounts automatically.
  • profiting system.
  • chating system.
  • Uses BlockTrail for payments.
  • includes forums to generate more impressions.
  •  It’s wwll trusted,hugely used and is considered one ofthe best scripts in the industry.Webmasters have noticed a decline of 90% in bot activity at their sites after switching to this script.

Price of this script is 99.98$

14. YFaucet 

This script build own by yannik, most trusted faucet.

Main Features

Fast loading

Easy admin panel

Faucet statistics- includes total members, payouts, referral commission and referral members.

Multi currency- comming soon

Not static claim

VPN/Proxy/TOR/BOT safety

Mobile friendly

Price of this script is 15$


Host on others faucet:

We would like to suggest not to use this services/script, as this script/services required your API key which is very dangerous for your funds.


15. FaucetHero (FaucetHub supported)

Faucethero provides free faucet hosting services it means you only need to add your faucet details like how much per claim or in which coin you want to pay.  You do not need to install any script or to buy any Hosting this is absolutely free except payment to users.

In this services you have to provide your FaucetHub API key which is dangerous for your fund.


This is the review of Bitcoin Faucet Scripts and Altcoin Faucet Script and Ethereum Faucet Script.

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