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4 Best USTC Wallet To Store USTC: Know Why USTC Is Pumping?

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Best USTC Wallet

Last Updated on January 3, 2024 by cryptocreed

USTC is one of the most popular stablecoins and widely used by the Terra & crypto community but since the fall of Terra started in 2021, USTC stablecoins got depeged and investors lost their money.

But in recent times USTC and the Terra team started moving forward to grow the Terra project on the right path hence it is a good time to jump into the Terra ecosystem.

To get in Terra and USTC you need a USTC wallet to store your coins. Hence we picked top USTC wallets where you can store your USTC coin safely and securely. But before checking USTC wallets let’s find answers to of some the finest questions like why you should invest in USTC now. What is the supply of USTC? and much more.

What Is USTC Crypto?

USTC was previously known as UST.

USDTC is a decentralized & algorithmic-based stablecoin built on the top of Terra blockchain. It was launched in Sept 2020 in partnership with Bittrex Global. It was launched with the aim of being a scalable, yield-bearing, and Terra community stablecoin stablecoin solution provider.

Most people are already aware of what happened with Terra and USTC in the past but in case you forgot it then take a look in the news.

Why Is USTC Pumping? Should You Invest In USTC Now?

USTC is a USD pegged stablecoin but it got corrupted and the price went from $1 to $0.006 in 2022. But in Nov 2023 it started pumping, the market saw more than a 100% jump in price in daily trade, and transactions touched an all-time high.

The major reason behind pumping is Terra Classic Labs (TCL), which announced a strategic investment in the Terra Classic ecosystem. This is the major reason why is USTC going up.

So you should invest in USTC coin or not? Even though they are broken because of the founder and decisions they have taken in the past, the team is still on the project and trying to get on board. This is where long traders play their game. As the coin is at its lowest you can invest a small amount in this coin.

Keep in mind this is stablecoin and there is no limit in USTC supply.

Where I Can Buy USTC Coin?

USTC is still trading on many exchanges including one of the top exchanges like Binance. Following is the list of exchanges where you can buy USTC coins.

List Of 4 Best USTC Wallet

USTC is currently available on more than 6 chains hence you can also use other network wallets to store USTC coins. USTC coin is currently highly active on Ethereum, Binance Chain, and Fantom Chain. Hence in this list, we will take a look at wallets with supported networks.

MetaMask & Other ERC20 Wallet (Ethereum Network)

USTC has more than 47,000 holders on the Ethereum network. You can use any ERC20-supported wallet to store USTC coins. Metamask is a highly recommended USTC wallet on the Ethereum network

If you are a big bag holder then you can go with a hardware or paper wallet. We have a list of the best Ethereum paper wallets.

USTC On Ethereum: https://etherscan.io/token/0xa47c8bf37f92aBed4A126BDA807A7b7498661acD

Station Wallet (Terra Network)

The station wallet is the official wallet backed by the Terra team. It is a web browser, mobile app, and an extension-based wallet.

The wallet is installed more than 100K times on Play Store and 500K+ users on Chrome Extension. Through the Station wallet, you can receive, send, buy, swap, stake, and participate in governance.

As of now, Station Wallet has stopped supporting USTC coin, maybe they will add it in the future.

Website: https://setup.station.money

TrustWallet (BNB Chain)

Trustwallet has more than 70 million registered crypto users. It supports more than 100 chains and more than thousands of coins.

There are more than 83,000 holders of USTC coins on the BNB chain. It is a mobile and extension-based wallet. But it is highly used by mobile users.

You can find the list of BNB chain wallets here https://www.bnbchain.org/en/wallets.

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