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Best Cortex Wallets: List Of Cortex Wallet To Store CTXC Coins

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Best Cortex Wallets

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Cortex is one such coin that rarely disappoints its investors or holders. If you see their chart you can find that the holder who has invested back in 2019 is still profitable even when other coins are down a lot.

It is the main reason why people are excited about them and trying to get into this coin. But before you start buying and holding Cortex coins you need to know which are the best Cortex wallets to store CTXC coins.

Cortex is a coin and not a token hence you can think of a platform or coin that has its own blockchain or native wallets. Before taking a look at Cortex wallets let’s check out some basic details about them like what it is, etc.

Note: Never put the majority of your coin on exchanges.

What Is Cortex? What They Are Offering

Cortex blockchain is an open-source, peer-to-peer, decentralized blockchain that is highly inspired and supports Artificial Intelligence models over a distributed network. The platform or Cortex Labs offers an open source AI ecosystem to democratize artificial intelligence.

The framework that Cortex is on is Cortex Virtual Machin (CVM) similar to Ethereum EVM. CVM allows the integration of machine learning models in Smart Contracts and Dapps.

If you are a miner then you can find a list of the best Cortex mining pools here.

Where To Buy Cortex Coin? Buy CTXC Coin

The current price of CTXC coin is $0.4245 with a market cap of $92 million & $68 million of last 24-hour volume. The coin had a time high in 2018 at the start of its launch at $2.41 and its time low was in 2020 at $0.034.

Following are the trusted exchanges from where you can buy CTXC coins you can also use exchanges such as Cortex Wallet but they are not safe. So I suggest using the Cortex wallet that gives you your private key.

List Of Best Cortex Wallets

Following are the best Cortex wallets that you can use to store CTXC coins but keep in mind CTXC is currently on the Ethereum Network as well so if you want to withdraw coins over the ERC20 network then choose the ERC20 wallet only.

Cortex Android Wallet

Cortex has an official Android wallet that has been downloaded more than 10K times. It is an official wallet developed by the Cortex team. It is developed to provide a secure, well-rounded, and user-friendly experience to users.

Android wallet was developed to store and transact CTXC & CEC20 coins. You can view transactions or send transactions to anyone. You can also use this wallet to store NFTs, Send NFTs, and Receive NFTs.

The mobile wallet supports multiple languages including Chinese, English, and Korean. The private key is encrypted and stored in your own mobile instead of servers.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ai.ctxc&hl=en

Cortex iOS Wallet

Cortex has not only a wallet for Android devices but have wallet for iOS as well. It is easy to use CTXC wallet where you can store, send, and receive CTXC coins, and supported coins plus NFT assets within your wallet app.

The Cortex iOS Wallet has top features like the Transfer of CTXC coin & tokens, a user-friendly NFT assets interface, and it has added a Dapp browser to make it more web3 community-friendly.

Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cortex-wallet/id1576159266

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Metamask Wallet

You can also add the Cortex coin to your Metamask wallet. It is quite easy to add a CTXC wallet to Metamask. Use the following configuration to integrate Cortex into Metamask.

  • Network Name: Cortex
  • New RPC URL: https://security.cortexlabs.ai:30088
  • Chain ID: 21
  • Currency Symbol: CTXC
  • Blockchain Explorer: https://cerebro.cortexlabs.ai/

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