Most Profitable Ethereum (ETH) mining pool

Mining Pool for Ethereum Coin

Teamwork is more effective and profitable in comparison to individuals. In our previous post, we write an article on how to build the Ethereum Mining Rig.  You can’t just start after building own Ethereum Rig. To get the best ROI you need to join any good ethereum mining pool.

Remember that, mining is not always profitable many factors affect your ROI. It is better to buy ethereum from online exchanges.

We suggest you to use MyEtherWallet or Mist wallet for Ethereum wallet.

You can see here ethereum mining statistics of the last 24 hours.

EthPool or Ethermine

Ethpool and Etheremine are two different sites but their result appears on the same pool. Both are the largest Ethereum mining pool with more than 26% of the hashrate distribution of mining pools.

More than 62000 miners are using Ethermine and around 900 people using Ethpool.

Both charge 1% fee on each reward, mini withdraw is 0.05 ETHand maximum withdraw is 10 ETH


Nanopool is third largest Ethereum mining pool after f2pool.  13.2% of distribution in ethereum mining with more than 38,000 miners.

The minimum threshold is  0.2 ETH. Pool fee is 1%.  There are some negative feedback about this mining poolshash rate. 


The design and structure of the site is very simple. Dwarfpool has a 4.3% of hash rate. Dwarfpool charges 1% of networks hash rate. You can mine 4 more cryptocurrencies like monero.

You can ask for payment 6 time per day. you must have mini 1.01 ETH in your account to ask for a payout.


2Miner is newest and rapidly growing mining pool for Ethereum mining. Currently, have more than 16 coins are available to mine, Dagger Hashimoto and Equihash coins include.

Payouts are working in two different ways, PPLNS and SOLO. In SOLO you have to mine alone and in PPLNS you have worked together to mine coins. They have really very informative FAQ page check it out now to know more about how 2Miners works.

Minimum payout is 0.05 ETH.

This pool is new in the market. You can find multiple crypto coins on this pool.  This pool has the lowest fee among all above, 0.25 %.