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K1Pool Review 2024: Mining Crypto On K1Pool Is Profitable or Not?

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If you are mining cryptocurrencies then you might know about K1Pool or maybe you have heard about it. You are planning to mine your favorite coin using K1Pool? Then you need to know if it is legit or a scam.

In recent times K1Pool has made lots of noises and miners are checking for them but they are not sure if they should go with K1Pool or not hence we decided to bring K1Pool review for you.

In this K1Pool review, you are going to learn about K1Pool, who is behind it, fees, supported coins, features, legit or scam, and much more to know about them in this review.

Let’s start our K1Pool Review.

What Is K1Pool?

K1Pool is a multi-coin mining pool that aims to provide the easiest mining pool ecosystem for miners that can easily mine supported coins. The website says that it aims to develop a better and easy-to-interact interface for miners to choose & mine the coin they want.

It is compatible with Nicehash and MiningRigRentals. You can control your orders of Nicehash from your K1Pool dashboard. They do allow miners to do auto-switching ports for each algo. It can be best for Rentals, ASIC, FPGA, and GPU miners.

So who is behind K1Pool? It is not easy to know who is behind the K1Pool as team details are not shared just like any other pool.

How To Join K1Pool?

To join the pool you need to visit their website. On the homepage, you can find details like the Asign-up button, supports, list of coins that you can mine.

Click on the Create Account button. After that you will find the option to enter your name or username click on Continue to fill in the other options. You can also use other options to create an account which are Facebook, Google, and Yandex.

You can also find a login button that you can use to log in to your account.

Reward System

Miners need to know what reward system they are mining. K1Pool supports 3 different reward systems. Rewards are shared % wise in these different pools. SCORE system gets 60%, PPLNS 30%, and PROPDIF gets 10%.

  • SCORE:- Under this system, rewards are calculated on the basis of miners’ hash rate for the last 24 hours.
  • PPLNS:- Miners are rewarded according to the share in the last N shares of the pool.
  • PROPDIF:- distribution of the reward for the shares miner submitted in proportion to all shares submitted during each round (the time between one block found by the pool and the next) with network difficulty coefficient

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K1Pool Supported Coins & Algorithms

K1Pool has more than 7600+ active miners. Active miners are different from registered users. Active miners mean the number of miners who are currently mining any supported coins using the pool.

Following are the supported algorithm and coins that are supported under it.

  • Ethash:- Zilliqa, EthereumPow, OctaSpace
  • kHeavyHash:- Kaspacoin
  • KAWPOW:- Ravencoin and Neoxa
  • Etchash:- EthereumClassic
  • Equihash:- Komodo
  • Equihash 144,5:- BitcoinGold and BitcoinZ
  • Equihash 125,4:- Flux
  • Autolykos2:- Ergo
  • FiroPOW:- Firo
  • Sha512256D:- Radiant
  • NexaPow:- Nexa
  • EthashB3:- Rethereum
  • DynexSolve:- Dynex

K1Pool has different mining pool fees which vary for different coins. On average they do take 1% as a mining fee.

Top K1Pool Features

Following are the key features that put K1Pool on top of other mining pools and make it better for miners.

  • Auto Switching:- K1Pool allows miners to do manual or set auto switching between different coins and algorithms within a click.
  • One Wallet For Every Coin:- You don’t need to set up all your wallets before mining. When you register on K1Pool you automatically get a wallet that helps you to mine every coin to your wallet.
  • Set Your Wallet:- You can set your wallet address at any time and can withdraw your coins.
  • Anonymous Mining: In case you don’t want to mine on the K1Pool dashboard then you can choose to do anonymous mining without registering to them.
  • Servers:- You can find servers from Europe, USA, and China.
  • Reward System:- You can mine coins in three different reward systems.
  • Telegram Bot:- Miners will get notifications on offline workers and block found, etc.
  • MultiLanguage:- More than 10 different languages are supported.
  • Nicehash Compatible:- It offers the whole Nicehash to your K1Pool dashboard.

K1Pool Legit or Scam?

If more than 7000 miners are using the pool then it is definitely legit, trusted, and safe as well. I did some research on search engines and rarely found negative reviews. Some users reported not getting rewards but it was an old post and sometimes it happens with the dashboard interface.

You can try K1Pool to mine your favorite coins. You can also share your reviews in this K1Pool review article through comments.

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