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List Of Best Bitcoin Faucets

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on October 20, 2023 by cryptocreed

Note: Some faucet owners are using “mining script” in their faucets. Which consumes your CPU power in the background to mine Monero Coin. But you can block this action by using MinerBlock and NoCoin extensions.

Here is the list of Bitcoin faucets with some details. Here we divided faucets into categories, for example, we have a list of TOP PAYING FAUCETs that are on the TOP FAUCET page, as same, we have a list of DIRECT FAUCET that send your amount of withdrawal to your micropayment wallet.

Also, we divided the list of faucets with their script or micropayment services example:Faucetsystem.com. Instant Withdrawal Bitcoin Faucet, How To Create A Bitcoin Faucet.

List Of Top Faucets


I thought it was the Best Bitcoin Faucet ever, you can claim up to 200$ of bitcoins every 1 hour, And they have a lottery ticket option for every user, after each claim, you will get 2 lottery tickets, and end of every week,10 winners are drawn. The top prize reaches almost four BTC. Also every claim you will get TWO reward points. and you can change these points into PRIZES-iPhone, Samsung, etc. This faucet has the huge trust of visitors with nearly 5k Alexa worldwide ranking.


Earn Free Bitcoin
Cointiply is a next-generation Bitcoin faucet. It allows you to claim free cryptocurrencies by different methods like Faucet, completing offers, completing surveys, viewing ads, joining Cointiply chat, playing games, Multiplier, Cointivity items & boosts.

With Cointiply you can easily earn $2 to $10 daily plus you will earn extra cryptocurrencies from us.


FireFaucet is another popular multi-cryptocurrency faucet. You can earn crypto in different ways like PTC, Shortlinks, Surveys, Faucets, Offerwalls, Tasks, and daily login. It supports more than 12 coins.

It also allows you to claim your rewards in gift cards.

Direct Faucet

In this type of crypto direct Faucets, users have to reach the minimum payout threshold to withdraw from the faucet which is sent directly to the user’s wallet.

Some faucets are paid on selected days and some are paid on the same day after Request Payout. You can check out the list of crypto direct faucet.

These types of faucets are higher reward-giving than the other faucet which pays through micropayment services. Also, these types of faucets have additional games and other stuff to increase users’ earnings.

FaucetHub.io CLOSED

Faucethub is a new Bitcoin micropayment service that opened to replace Faucetbox which was closed in last of 2016. Faucethub is owned by the owner of the most popular faucet games (faucetgame.com). This is his profile on Bitcoin Talk mexicantarget and here is the link to the announcement of the faucet hub on Bitcoin Talk. The minimum payout is 20000 satoshi. On other coins, there is no minimum payout and in order to claim from faucets associated with faucethub you have to sign up on faucethub.io and add your cryptocurrency address.

Faucetsystem.com (Closed)

Faucetsystem is also new as faucethub.io in the micropayment service. The faucetsystem almost works as same as faucetbox, after you claim the faucetsystems faucet your claimed satoshi will be sent to your faucetsystem balance. Once you reach 15000 satoshis (15k satoshi is the minimum payout threshold) your amount will be sent to your personal wallet.


Xapo is the world’s safest bitcoin wallet and his office is in Switzerland. Xapo faucets pay instantly to your Xapo wallet there is no minimum payout threshold like others. After you claim from Xapo.com faucets your reward will be sent to your Xapo wallet instantly after every claim. In order to use the faucet wich associated with xapo.com you need to sign up on xapo.com

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