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OneKey Review: Better Than Ledger & Trezor?

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by cryptocreed

Planning to get a OneKey hardware wallet? Choosing the best hardware wallet is not easy when we have many companies claiming to be better than each other.

If you are going with OneKey then you should know every point about OneKey before getting them on your hand. It seems the newly launched hardware wallet OneKey is replacing the Trezor & Ledger hardware wallet, but does it mean it is better than them?

In this OneKey review, we are going to see who is behind OneKey, where they are located, pricing, technologies, features, comparison, and much more.

What Is OneKey?

OneKey is a Hong Kong-based hardware wallet maker company that has developed three different models.

They aim to develop an open-source hardware wallet for crypto holders who are looking for a secure, fast, & easy wallet with a web3 gateway.

The hardware wallets have simple and usual use cases like any other hardware wallet has like ledger and trezor.

OneKey has headquarters located at Kwai Chung, Nt, Hong Kong launched in 2020. Some known investors like Coinbase, FoliusVentures, and Dragonfly back it.

OneKey Hardware Wallets & All Products

OneKey offers 5 different products that include 3 hardware wallets & 2 other security products.

OneKey Mini, Classic, and Touch: Crypto Hardware Wallet

OneKey Mini will cost you $58, Touch cost you $249, and Classic will cost you $89.

Mini doesn’t work in mobile devices but you can access the wallet from a computer and browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave.

It is open-source with a Self-destruction feature. The weight of the wallet is light and mine in size. OneKey supports most of the popular third-party software wallets like Metamask, Phantom, Bitcoin Core, Electrum, Wasabi, Sparrow, and more.

It supports FIDO and FIDO2 key protocols. It works with Github, Dropbox, Binance, Coinbase, and Google.

Mini doesn’t come with a battery but Classic has a 100mAh battery & Touch has a battery of 800mAh.

You will get buttons to control in Mini and Classic but in Touch, you will get a touch screen.

Following are the materials you can find in the box

  • 1 hardware wallet
  • 1 USB type-c cable
  • 3 recovery sheets
  • 1 sticker

OneKey Hardware Wallet Features

OneKey has some attractive and better features that you can rarely find in any other crypto hardware wallet.

Open Source

If you are in crypto, you should trust more Open-source products than others. They shared the code of their original software and firmware on GitHub.

Anyone with technical knowledge can check and verify it. It is not a cup of everyone’s taste hence some security companies do reviews of such hardware wallet codes.

Support Of Other Hardware Wallets

OneKey allows you to connect other popular hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor. You can also connect the OneKey hardware wallet to hundreds of third-party wallets and it can also be used as a backup of your coins, Coinbase, Google, Apple, 1Password, and other U2F devices.

It supports all other mobile and crypto wallets, you can also switch between wallets like Trezor, Ledger, Metamask, Zerion, Phantom, imTokens, and others wallets.

Token Lists

Onekey supports more than 55 coins plus more than 55 chains. Almost you can find and add as many as tokens you want to add, not only that you can also add any coins to the list or wallet.

Track Influencers

If you are like me who is always eagerly seeing influencers’ wallets then you should go with OneKey because it allows you to check and track down the wallet address of any other person like the person whom you follow on Twitter.

You have to simply add an address to your subscription list, it will automatically track the activities happening to address wallets. Whenever they add new coins, transfer, withdraw, or make any changes to the wallet you will get notified.

OneKey Security Features

While choosing a hardware wallet you should know what type of security they offer you. The first move in sense of security measures is to keep open-source any wallet. According to experts the wallets that show their code are more trustworthy as they allow the community to check what is a real product.

According to OneKey keeping Private keys in the microprocessor is a terrible idea. For more security they do use Secure Element called ATECC608A from Microchip.

In simple meaning it rarely allows the internet to touch your private key. All on-chain transactions will be performed on the hardware wallet instead of your PC or internet device.

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OneKey is also secured with CEO and RoHS certification, which helps to generate high-quality random numbers. It was made with the process called ultrasonic welding process.

Buyers’ Response on OneKey

Buyer’s responses here matter a lot but it is hard to find buyers of hardware wallets and you can’t find many buyers, maybe one or two of your friends bought hardware wallets and they shared their reviews with you but getting reviews of big numbers of buyers is also important.

I went to Trustpilot, as it is a popular platform where users share their reviews. On Trustpilot, they have a rating of 3.2 out of 5 from 79 reviews. Which seems very bad, right? You will quickly judge that OneKey is fraud but when I started reading each review I found users are mistakenly reviewing Oneykey. So they thought they were posting reviews for “hotels.com” & “Expedia’s” OneKey campaign.

In my opinion, OneKey’s Trustpilot review page is not trusted and you should not check that.

I would like to suggest reading reviews and thoughts shared by BitcoinTalk users on different threads here are two interesting threads I found that you should check once.

Should I Purchase OneKey From an Official Reseller Or an Official Store?

I always suggest purchasing any product online from the official store only, you can go with official resellers as well but the prices between the Official Reseller and the Official Store are different.

Prices on resellers’ websites will be always high. And in any case, your reseller is pretty scammer then he might play with your wallet before delivering to you. In that case, you will blame the reseller and the reseller will blame you & makers.

If you found this onekey review helpful then do not share it with others. Make this OneKey review popular.

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