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MicroWallet sites for your Bitcoin Faucet

Last Updated on January 10, 2020 by CryptoCreed

MicroWallets are not any wallet however it can be used as a wallet but the suggestion is not to store any fund in microwallets for the long term. Actually it is the medium to connect Faucet owners to their users. And I am sure you all are aware of MicroWallets.

Let’s have a look on MicroWallet sites


Faucetpay is a brand new MicroWallet service provider. It has the same feature as FaucetHub of Anti-Fraud. It means on detection of the fake user or bot claim FaucetPay system will track and refund their balance to the faucet owner.

Currently, FaucetPay supporting 4 major cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, and LiteCoin. There are more than 90 faucet owners are using FaucetPay.

Referral program: Yes

Games: Yes (Currently supporting Rock Paper Scissor game only)

Own Faucet Script: Yes

Minimum Deposit & Withdrawal: Check here

Internal Exchange: No


Kswallet was launched in May 2019. More than 20 cryptocurrencies are supported on Kswallet. According to their ann, Kswallet its a decentralized platform.

A most interesting feature of Kswallet is you can transfer funds to any user which is nonrefundable. The customer support staff is available 24/7. It also provides Airdrop of new coins to all users on Kswallet.

Referral program: Yes

Games: Yes (Currently supporting Roll game only)

Own Faucet Script: Yes

Minimum Deposit & Withdrawal: 2.5% & 1.5%

Internal Exchange: No

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