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Cryptocurrency MicroWallet Sites For Your Bitcoin & Crypto Faucet In 2024

by cryptocreed
Cryptocurrency MicroWallet Sites

Last Updated on April 2, 2024 by cryptocreed

Note: This list was updated in Nov 2022. Comment to add any other legit & trusted microwallet sites.

MicroWallets are not any wallet however they can be used as a wallet but the suggestion is not to store any funds in Microwallets for the long term. Actually, it is the medium to connect Faucet owners to their users. And I am sure you all are aware of MicroWallets.

Best Crypto MicroWallet sites


Faucetpay is a brand new MicroWallet service provider. It has the same feature as FaucetHub of Anti-Fraud. It means on detection of the fake user or bot claim FaucetPay system will track and refund their balance to the faucet owner.

Currently, FaucetPay supports 4 major cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, and LiteCoin. There are more than 90 faucet owners are using FaucetPay.

Referral program: Yes

Games: Yes (Currently supporting Rock Paper Scissor game only)

Own Faucet Script: Yes

Minimum Deposit & Withdrawal: Check here

Internal Exchange: No


ExpressCrypto is one of the best crypto microwallet. They have more than 700 active websites on their website that are using their API. There is no restriction on countries. 

It supports all major crypto coins including BTC, ETH, LTC, and many more. it also supports major crypto wallets like Coinbase, Coins.ph, Blockchain, Coinwallets, Dogechain, Cryptonator, and Other bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrency wallets

Referral program: Yes

Games: Yes (more than 4 games are available)

Own Faucet Script: No

Minimum Deposit & Withdrawal: 0.00015 BTC

Internal Exchange: No

CoinPot Microwallet

Coinpot is a very simple cryptocurrency microwallet site. It is very trusted but doesn’t have new and unique features. If you want to use fo simple faucet just, the only faucet then this is best for you.

Coinpot Faucets are one of those options through which you can earn free bitcoin but it is very low in numbers. Coinpot Mining can be done by anyone.

Kswallet (Under maintenance) – micro wallet crypto

Kswallet was launched in May 2019. More than 20 cryptocurrencies are supported on Kswallet. According to their ann, Kswallet is a decentralized platform.

A most interesting feature of Kswallet is you can transfer funds to any user which is nonrefundable. The customer support staff is available 24/7. It also provides Airdrop of new coins to all users on Kswallet.

Referral program: Yes

Games: Yes (Currently supporting Roll game only)

Own Faucet Script: Yes

Minimum Deposit & Withdrawal: 2.5% & 1.5%

Internal Exchange: No

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