UTRUST A Future of Online Payment is Here


UTRUST is a revolutionary payment platform that empowers buyers providing a groundbreaking purchase protection mechanism.


UTRUST is the safest and fastest and revolutionary payment platform for buyers and sellers. Safety of the users is the first priority of this platform. By providing this service to customers this platform also offers low transaction fees, fast transaction in compare to others and low cross-border transaction friction. UTRUST is the better than current PayPal and bitPay. By acting as a mediator UTRUST is providing safety and convenience of receiving funds in fiat currency. Hwere is the combo of fiat systems and modern technology of blockchain.

Problem: Digital payments between buyers and sellers of physical services are untapped. Current technologies are not 100 percent secure they can’t provide you protection for your purchases and provides you refund. And other side sellers may not happy with cryptocurrency. This is the problem which need to remove.

Solution: By building UTRUST a  next generation payment gateways allowing buyers to use their favorite cryptocurrency to buy goods and services with confidence from merchants,incorporating a robust PayPal-like consumer protection and dispute resolution scheme. By using API on the platform merchants may receive payment in fiat currency.


Buyers Protection: Buyers can ask for any famous cryptocurrency which they want for exchange and benifit from the protection mechanism they take for granted on traditional online purchase. UTRUST will proceed your payment to sellers after you get your product.

Sellers Protection: Sometime Sellers get scammed at the time of selling goods, but by using UTRUST you are defeating credit frauds, nasty chargebacks and hacked account payments at the same time this platform giiving you opportunity to receive payment in their demanded cryptocurrency and all payment swill be converted into fiat currency as protection from market price flactuation.

Value Coupling Token: UTRUST has own coin , name is UTRUST token. This tokens aer usable at merchants site which accept UTRUST. Buyers and sellers can use this token to buy and sell product on the platform. Prices may rise in future as it has a business model.

How UTRUST Platform Works:

How UTRUST works

UTRUST is the safest cryptocurrency for buyers and sellers to buy products.

Buyers: Buyers can pay with any cryptocurrency they want. UTRUST has a lowest transaction conversion fee and/or can use UTRUST token with zero conversion fee. Buyers sent payment to UTRUST payment system and bought a product after successfully recieving the product UTRUST paltform realase a payment.

Dynamic Holding: UTRUST as mediatore hold the payment and releases them to the seller after reaching product to buyer.

Seller: Sellers can receive payment in any crypto currency and can withdraw in fiat currency to bank, also can keep it in their wallet and convert in any currency.

Differences between UTRUST, PayPal and BitPay


PRE-ICO will start on 28th August 2017 and  ICo will held in September 2017 . The crowdsale will run for 55 days, with different rounds. Maximum ICo cap is 50M $, platform accept deposits only in BTC and ETH. Price of token will fix  for pre-ico is 0.03$ , in ICO price per token is 0.04$ which rise one cents every round.

Refer this image to know distribution of Tokens and Funds:

UTRUST fund distribution UTRUST token distribution


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