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List of New & Latest Crypto AirDrops

List of Crypto AirDrops

Please read before joining: Here we are not promoting any site or project. Suppose any Airdrop asks you to download their wallet or anything to join their Airdrop then use virustotal.com to know if that wallet is infected with a virus or not.  Maybe we might have written a name twice by mistake.

When we add a note after the name of an airdrop, it is for real-time it may change later in their airdrop but not here. List of Airdrops that pay instantly in 2022.

Read how to keep your coins safe.

Exchanges Sites (recommended sites): HitBTC, Binance, KuCoin. We suggest you use MyEtherWallet (MEW) for the Ethereum wallet and WavesWallet.io for the WAVES wallet, for Tron (TRX) wallet visit here, and for Litecoin uses LitecoinPaperWallet.

Never share the Private key of your wallet or any password.

Fill out this form to add/suggest new airdrops to the List. 

Exclusive or Trusted Airdrops (scroll down to check daily updates of airdrops)

Tabichain Backed by Binance Labs. Use the tabi access code to join Tabi airdrop. Follow social media and complete testnet tasks.

SynFutures Own token plus BLAST points. Here is a guide on how to earn free points. Backed By Pantera – Raised $22 Million

Aleo Project has raised more than $290 million. Airdropping coin in Q2.

Grass Airdrop backed by Polychain Capital, airdropping coins in April.

BounceBit Join the airdrop and increase points to get a chance of airdrop.

Blast Airdrop Get a chance to earn a good amount of BLAST coins. Here is the invitation code “J7OO7” to join Blast Airdrop.

zkSync Tokens worth between or more than worth $1000. To be eligible for airdrop make transactions, use bridges, add liquidity, interact with platforms, use NFTs, etc. This article will help you in becoming eligible for airdrop (https://rankfi.com/zksync-airdrop-guide). You need at least $20 to spend on this.

Berachain Chance to earn $100 and more. Testnet.

DOP Chance to earn $100 and more. Testnet. COMPLETED

Regular Airdrops

This update:  07 May 2024

Tabichain Backed by Binance Labs. Use the tabi access code to join Tabi airdrop. Follow social media and complete testnet tasks.

This update:  01 April 2024

SynFutures Own token plus BLAST points. Here is a guide on how to earn free points. Backed By Pantera – Raised $22 Million

This update:  20 March 2024

Aleo Project has raised more than $290 million. Airdropping coin in Q2.

Grass Airdrop backed by Polychain Capital, airdropping coins in April.

BitCraft follows their social media accounts and invites more people.

This update:  11 March 2024

BounceBit Join the airdrop and increase points to get a chance of airdrop.

This update:  03 March 2024

Blast Airdrop Get a chance to earn a good amount of BLAST coins. Here is the invitation code “J7OO7” to join Blast Airdrop.

This update:  24 February 2024

DOP Chance to earn $100 and more. Testnet.

Berachain Chance to earn $100 and more. Testnet.

SupraOracle $490 worth of Supra tokens. Answer all questions. Testnet.

This update:  06 December 2023

Caesium $5 worth coin. Download the wallet and complete the mentioned tasks. https://caesiumlab.com/

This update: 25 November 2023

Nomibase airdropping $2700 in total worth of NMB tokens. Complete social media tasks. Ends on 10/Dec/2023.

This update: 27 October 2023

WLTHX $20 worth tokens per person. Follow on Twitter & Instagram, Subscribe YouTube, and Join Telegram. Ends on 11/08/2023.

This update: 04 October 2023

Reflection (For Indian users only) Sign up and complete the profile to get airdrop.

This update: 20 September 2023

OKX (OKB) OKX is one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges that own blockchain & coin. Airdropping OKB coin to eligible users.

This update: 25 August 2023

BabyOZO 1 Million USD worth BabyOZO to unlimited users

This update: 05 July 2023

GerinCoin 3x Gerin coin by voting on Coinmarketcap and buying tokens.

This update: 18 April 2023

Hord  Deposit ETH to become eligible. ETH stakers receive hETH. Earn additional points by completing Zealy tasks.

BaySwap Complete simple tasks and become eligible for free tokens.

This update: 15 March 2023

Myria Tokens worth $20,000 to random 1000 winners. Submit your wallet address, and follow on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, and Discord.

This update: 16 December 2022

VXT Startup Project Free Airdrop Program Gate.io users will get a free airdrop token worth $2.

HotBit USDT is worth $10. Register on HotBit.

Kickex Tokens are worth up to 50$. Open the link and register. Must verify your email and KYC.

This update: 03 December 2022

Mara $2 for Signing up & $1 per referral. U can easily withdraw or cash out half of whatever u earn to your crypto wallet or bank account. The other half is locked up till Mara wallet go live.

This update: 20 November 2022

NYXS World Cup Special Giveaway Reward worth $70.

This update: 31 October 2022

Nabu Get Free NFTs worth more than 100 USD. First 1500 people only.

This update: 14 Sept 2022

Nomoex Tokens are worth $50. Follow on Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, YT, Reddit, and Facebook. Ends on 25/Sept/2022.

This update: 26 August 2022

Pure Oxygen tokens worth $38. Follow on IG, FB, Twitter & Telegram. Submit BSC address.

This update: 12 July 2022

MultiDice Up to 180 MDICE token every week. Follow on social media.

This update: 24 June 2022

Green Uni Reward worth 21.7 tokens. Limited to the first 10,000 participants only and reward tokens will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

This update: 08 June 2022

Dr. Shank Eagles  Reward is worth $188. 10 Dr. Shank Eagle NFTs for 10 random lucky winners. 

This update: 26 May 2022

Tron Learn & Earn Coinmarketcap $20 To random 15K users. Register on CoinMarketCap and then go to the campaign page. Must have a Binance account. Answers are as follows ”

➖️ All of above
➖️ Tron Blockchain Explorer
➖️ APENFT Foundation

This update: 23 May 2022

KarmaVerse Rewards pool: $4000 worth of KNOT tokens!

This update: 16 May 2022

Step APP 5 Token daily. Submit your email address & Avalanche wallet. Trading on Binance

This update: 15 May 2022

8V  Newly launched exchange giving $10 worth of tokens on registration.

This update: 14 May 2022

ApeAbu Participate to win a $ABUZ token and free NFTs.

This update: 29 April 2022

XCavator XCA tokens worth $50. Follow on social media.

This update: 26 April 2022

CompletionOne AIRDROP RAFFLE 100 NFTs of the Ultimate Psychedelic Experience.

This update: 15 April 2022

PeakDefi Follow on social media

This update: 14 April 2022

HedgeCat tokens worth up to $850. Submit your ERC20 address, follow on Twitter, join telegram, and follow on social media.

This update: 11 April 2022

SoccerArena $1000 worth of Soccer Arena NFTs will be given to 56 lucky winners.

This update: 16 March 2022

QUASA x Kickex 2000 QUA tokens. Join Telegram, follow Facebook & tweeter, and make retweets.

This update: 07 March 2022

BCNT X Hotpot Finance Airdrop Event $155 worth of tokens. Join Twitter, Telegram, and Discord! 

This update: 05 March 2022

BlackHoleDAO 50BUSD Crypto’s Berkshire Hathaway is giving a Million $ Airdrops. Follow on Twitter, Retweet, Join Telegram group, and Join Discord

This update: 04 March 2022

RealBig 550 lucky participants will win together with a total of $250,000 in RealB tokens!

This update: 27 Feb 2022

PlayerBox $100 worth tokens. Follow on Twitter & Telegram.

This update: 22 Feb 2022

CryptoMonsters  10 MONSTERS to the 10 first winners and 100.000 CMON to 150 people, the top 40 will receive 30% of the pool.

This update: 16 Feb 2022

BitKeep 100K USDT airdrop to 250 users daily.

FlexDefi 1M tokens to first 5000 participants. Join Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.

This update: 14 Feb 2022

RealBig NFT $32K Worth RealB Token will be distributed to every participant. Follow on Twitter, Join Telegram, and Submit the ERC20 address.

This update: 10 Jan 2022

Buddy Balls NFT Join our discord and receive a chance at weekly random Buddy Ball NFT airdrops.

This update: 05 Jan 2022

Coffefy Submit your BSC address only.

Magic Square Airdropping up to $15 worth of SQR tokens ($10 worth of SQL tokens for mandatory tasks) to participants for completing listed tasks.

This update: 31 Dec 2021

Kucoin $42K KCS Pool share. Register on Kucoin, follow on social media.

NvirWorld $40 for submitting ETH address, Following on Twitter, Insta, Discord, Reddit, FB, and Youtube.

This update: 26 Dec 2021

CryptoPunch Airdrop pool of 1,000,000 CPUNCH Coins. Follow on Twitter, Telegram, Retweet, and tag 3 friends.

This update: 16 Nov 2021

ByBit Woo token worth $20 Register on ByBit exchange and fill this form.

This update: 11 Nov 2021

SoldiersLand Up to 1000 SLD (≈$40) for 20,000 random participants.

This update: 10 Nov 2021

NFTSea 50 tokens for submitting ETH address and referring. (SCAM)

This update: 09 Nov 2021

Singer Community Coin Start Giveaway. All Participants’ chances to win Singer Token between 10 to 100000.

This update: 22 Oct 2021

CoinMarketCap 20 Diamonds for just signing up

This update: 04 Oct 2021

Symbol 5000 tokens distributed to all participants. Create an account and follow on Twitter.

This update: 18 Sept 2021

GameInfinity $10 for following on Twitting, Telegram, Reddit, and Medium. Complete other tasks to claim more free tokens.

This update: 09 Sept 2021

TruePNL $50 bonus for everyone who completes all actions $600 worth of $PNL tokens prize fund for 3 most active entrants.

This update: 18 June 2021

PoiCoin Get up to $150. Follow on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, YT, Reddit, and register on the website.

This update: 23 May 2021

GuessIt Up to 10K token. Follow on Twitter and Telegram.

Doren DRN token worth $5. Follow on Twitter, Telegram, Medium, and Facebook.

This update: 22 May 2021

Foil Blockchain airdrop pool of 250 000 FOIL Coins. Follow on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and Medium.

This update: 15 May 2021

Hold xVNS or VNS to get free VRT token. 1000 VRT for every 1 VNS. Binance supports this airdrop. Buy and Hold xVNS or VNS tokens from Binance. Airdrop will take place from 17th May to 24th May.

Hold PCX and get KSX. You can get KCX at KuCoin and store it in ChainX wallet.

This update: 08 May 2021

OKEX Deposit $50, trade XCH and get a chance to win up to $50,000 or iPhone.

This update: 07 May 2021

Gate.IO Register and Get NFT’s Worth $0.4 to $70. For the first 2000 users only.

This update: 06 May 2021

Trustmoon Out of 20 Billion total supply of there is 10% of allotted to marketing and 5% (1000000000) in the marketing allocation is on giving or Airdropped.

This update: 23 April 2021

MGTC $287 worth of TRT token on a sign up. Plus Refer and earn a free crypto tokens.

This update: 10 April 2021

EdxSwap Follow on Twitter and Telegram. Submit email and BEP-20 address.

Symbol airdrop pool of 5000 XYM tokens.

This update: 29 March 2021

SubDAO 20 GOV tokens. Follow on Twitter, Telegram, and Medium. Submit ETH address.

Ethereum Classic Mining Pools To Mine ETC

How To Buy A Ethereum: Should I Buy Ethereum In 2021?

This update: 23 March 2021

CryptoExper tokens worth $10. Follow on different social media.

Ares Protocol  Follow on Twitter and Telegram. End date is 25 March.

This update: 17 March 2021

Sigma tokens worth $115. Follow on Twitter, Telegram, and Medium.

RemixCapital tokens worth $20. Follow on Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook. Requires BEP20 address.

This update: 10 March 2021

BTCST tokens worth up to $5. Register on Binance and submit the Form.

This update: 27 Feb 2021

Aluna token worth up to $30. Register and verify email. Connect exchange and do at least one trade.

Velo tokens worth $20. Register on Okex and fill the form.

HotBit USDT worth $10. Register on HotBit and follow BOT.

This update: 18 Feb 2021

Tankcoin tokens worth $5.

ZoidPay downloads the app and earns 30 ZPAY tokens.

This update: 12 Feb 2021

GoldenGoose Tokens worth $16. Register on Bittrex, next visit to Airdrop page

GoodDollar Tokens worth $50 dollar and $10 worth of tokens on the daily claim.

TrustFinance TRT tokens worth $4. Follow the Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook.

This update: 06  Feb 2021

EliteSwap Tokens worth up to $10. Join telegram and follow on Twitter.

ZKSwap For token holders airdrops.

This update: 03  Feb 2021

KingSwap Up to 0.20 BTC and tokens worth $10,000. Register using email, submit BTC & ETH address. Follow on different social media.

This update: 01  Feb 2021

1inch tokens worth $15. Register on Binance and Coinmarketcap. Visit the airdrop page.  Scroll down and complete the quiz (answers are 1500000000,  B, C, D, C, C, C, B) holder airdrops.

ACDX tokens worth $50. Register on ACDX exchange and fill this form. (answers are: D, A, B+C).

BiFrost up to 1000 BFC tokens. Follow the telegram bot.

This update: 19  Jan 2021

Polkabridge PBR tokens worth $50. Follow on Twitter and Telegram.

This update: 16  Jan 2021

Catex $250 USDT for following on different social media and visiting the website. Ends on 19th Jan 2021, holder airdrops.

This update: 12  Jan 2021

ChaingeFinance 195 tokens for signing up, following on different social media, and submitting Fusion address (https://www.myfusionwallet.com).

Morpher Tokens worth $14.

This update: 07  Jan 2021

LSVDefi tokens worth $30. Join the channel and follow on Twitter. Trading on Uniswap Exchange.

Crypxie tokens worth $7. Follow & retweet on Twitter, join a telegram group, follow on Facebook & Instagram.

This update: 01  Jan 2021

LCX join in airdrop and get a chance to enter in a 21 million token giveaway.

JBOX 600 tokens. Follow on social media like Telegram and Twitter. holder airdrops

This update: 31  Dec 2020

EliteSwap Tokens worth up to $10. Join telegram and follow on Twitter.

BitCNY tokens worth $3. Follow on different social media platforms like Telegram and Twitter.

PLOW tokens worth $60.

This is the best airdrop list crypto.

This update: 23 Dec 2020

Nash Earn $250. Register and trade at least $1000 to eligible to get $250.

Milk Airdrop for MAP holders airdrops. Purchase and Hold MLK tokens on exchanges like KuCoin. For every MLK token, you will get a 0.03 MAP token.

Stratis Follow on Twitter, Discord, and Linkedin

This update: 18 Dec 2020

Map Protocol Token worth $1. Follow on Twitter and telegram only.

BAND Tokens worth up to $40. Sign up on Coinbase and then click on Learn. After watching some videos you will get airdrop tokens.

Phoenix free tokens for registering and downloading the app.

Here you can find crypto airdrop instant payments and active ones.

This update: 02 Nov 2020

Ternoa 1000 capsule coin. Install the app and retweet the tweet.

MintMe Create your coin, Monetize yourself. Airdrop ends on 12/31/2021.

This update: 06 Oct 2020

Permission register and get 100 ASK tokens

MASS tokens worth 2$.  Join telegram, Twitter, and Medium. crypto airdrop list

This update: 30 Sept 2020

Digex 50K tokens worth of 12$. Just register on the website.

This update: 27 Sept  2020 crypto airdrop list

ThankSwap Tokens worth 20$. Follow on Twitter, telegram, and Facebook. crypto airdrop list

This update: 26 Sept 20

Morpher Get token worth of 15$. Sign up and pass KYC.

GoodDollar Register and leave

Permission 100 ASK tokens for registration and verifying email.

This update: 16 Aug 2020

Bithumb FIO worth 25$. Invite 5 friends and ask them to complete KYC. Click here to read more. Ends on 21st August.

This update: 02 Aug 2020 airdrop cryptocurrency list

Binance+TrustWallet Tokens worth 10$. Register on Binance & download the Trust Wallet app. After that fill this form.

SBP Join ProBit, verify mail and mobile number. You will get 1500 SBP tokens. airdrop cryptocurrency list

PayRue 5000 PROPEL Tokens. Register on the website and pass the KYC to get a token. best airdrops.

This update: 19 July 2020

Zelwin 5 Tokens worth of $2. Register and verify KYC. You will get tokens within 5 days.

Rinobet TRX tokens worth of 2$. Just register and verify your email.

FIO register on BitMax, visit the airdrop page here, submit your email address which you used to register on BitMax and answers ( There are 3 questions and their answers are: 1. A usability layer integrated into crypto products. 2.Replace the need to view/use public addresses. 3.FIO Requests can include FIO Data)

This update: 22 June 2020

CoinDeal Tokens worth $50 and get a chance to win iPhone and other devices. Just submit your email. Also, register in exchange to get a reward.

BitBNS 50 BNS tokens. Sign up and verify your KYC.

Cocorico tokens worth up to 650$. Follow on various social media.

This update: 30 May 2020

Huobi $1 worth HT token. Follow on Twitter and telegram. Must register on Huobi here and complete KYC.

Bitcoin Classic  50 BXC tokens. Click here to join another airdrop, follow on Twitter and Facebook. free airdrops.

Swapzilla 0.1 BTC bonus (not withdrawable) you can trade and withdraw the amount you made a profit. cryptocurrency free.

SwissBorg $16 worth of tokens. Download the app and predict the price. Check if your country is eligible or not.

This update: 25 April 2020

PAC Global 1000 PAC tokens for downloading the mobile app.

Relictum Pro Tokens up to 3500. Follow the BOT.

Bankiom Invite a friend and get $5 from each friend.

This update: 28 March 2020

uptrennd 100 1UP tokens. Sign up on the website.

BlockPass Join the telegram group and submit your ETH address.

K-Tune 50 KTT Tokens. Subscribe to the newsletter.

This update: 19 March 2020

BoolWallet 250 BTT tokens. Follow the BOT.

BoostChain 10$ worth BSTKN token. airdrops new. Register and verify the email.

This update: 11 March 2020

Binance $10 futures voucher for Indian users. Click here for more details.  Ends on 18th March.

Bazooka Tokens worth of 1$. Follow on telegram, twitter, Facebook. free airdrops. airdrops new.

This update: 26 Feb 2020

BitMart & ConnectChain Register on BitMart. Follow the guide to get an airdrop. best airdrops. blockchain wallet airdrop.

Marcopolo 230 MAPC token. Follow the BOT. Join the telegram channel and group. what is an airdrop?

PayRue 5000 PROPEL Tokens. Register on the website and pass the KYC to get token. best airdrops.

Fuse 100 DAIp worth $1. Download the app to get tokens.

This update: 19 Feb 2020

Unicorn Tokens worth of 12$. Follow on Facebook and Twitter.

This update: 10 Feb 2020

weeMAT Tokens worth 16$. Join the Telegram channel and group. Follow on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and LinkedIn.

Brexily Register and verify your email. Complete the profile and gt your Airdrop. what is an airdrop.

This update: 04 Feb 2020

MXC 35 MDULY tokens. Register and do KYC. crypto airdrop Reddit.

NameBase Sign up and refer your friends. The top 100 users will get 50$ worth of tokens. what is an airdrop?

This update: 28 Jan 2020

Aeron Tokens worth of 20$. Also trading on Binance. Available in selected countries only. Trusted

This update: 23 Jan 2020

BitForex tokens worth of 1$ (chances price may increase). Register on bitforex and complete the task here.

THDax Tokens worth of 40$. Sign up and pass KYC. Bitcoin airdrop. Read more here.

Bittrex tokens worth of 15$. Just sign up. bitcoin gold airdrop.

This update: 20 Jan 2020

BCNEX Earn tokens worth of 45$. Register and the go on Earn page under programs. what is an airdrop? Complete tasks to get tokens.

KuCoinPlay 1000 in USDT. Register on Kucoinplay and on Kucoin Exchange. Follow on Twitter.

Poloniex 20 tokens worth of 20$. Follow the bot. cryptocurrency sign up bonus 2019

This update: 09 Jan 2020


This update: 07 Jan 2020

BTC-ALPHA Tokens worth of 2.5$. Register and pass the KYC. Ethereum airdrops.

Binance worth of 100$. Register on-site, follow on Twitter and retweet this tweet with your referral link. free cryptocurrency giveaway.

POP Masternode giveaway. Must have a youtube channel with 100 subscribers. free airdrop.

This update: 31 Dec 2019

YoBit 700 YoDollars for new registration. Read more here.

crypto airdrops

This update: 27 Dec 2019

Multiple Airdrops on OMGFIN

This update: 25 Dec 2019

YoDollars Yobit hosts this airdrop. Follow the BOT.

bitcoin airdrop

PetroAPP register and complete KYC to get 0.5 Tokens. (ONLY FOR VENEZUELAN RESIDENTS) TRUSTED.

Kulap 150 KUL. Register and verify your email. Complete KYC 150 KUL.

Wadz 100$. Complete different task ad win prizes.

BitrueCoin 1$. Follow on twitter and telegram.

This update: 05 Dec 2019

Beldex Tokens worth of 11$. Crypto exchange free coins. Register on the website to get 50 tokens and complete KYC to get 100 tokens. Listed on Exchanges. xrp airdrops.

StepChain Join Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Download APP.

crypto airdrops

Tron+Tronscan Follow the BOT.

Emirex Tokens worth of 10$. Register on website and follow the BOT. upcoming airdrops.

SkyBit Register on Probit and SkyBit. Complete your profile and get tokens up to 100.

This update: 27 Nov 2019

Prometheus Tokens worth of 13$. Join Telegram, Twitter, FB & YT.

BlockStack STX tokens worth of 10$ in your blockchain wallet.

BlockStack2 1$ worth of BTC. Sign up using mobile number. Crypto exchange free coins.

Origin 100 OGN Tokens. bitcoin airdrops. Sign up using MetaMask (for safety purposes use a new metamask account).  Download the mobile app and connect your wallet.

This update: 18 Nov 2019

Prometheus Tokens worth of 13$. Join Telegram, Twitter, FB & YT.

Liquidapps Tokens worth of 1$. Answer the quiz and join the telegram.

Tozex Tokens worth of 40$.  Join telegram, twitter, Medium,  website.

MXC+GLO MXC exchange airdropping 30 GLO tokens.

Wavu tokens worth of 7$.

upcoming airdrops

This update: 07 Nov 2019

Vena Join telegram. Retweet this tweet and tag three friends. Download app from here and create Tron Address. Send your retweet post and wallet QR code to @venajohn.

Amanpuri Tokens worth of 5$. Register on website and pass KYC. free cryptocurrency giveaway.

K-Tune Follow the telegram BOT. Instant airdrops

ProperSix Follow the telegram BOT.

Tozex Tokens worth of 42$. Follow on twitter, Telegram, website, medium.

This update: 02 Nov 2019

Freldo Hold a minimum of 200 FRECNX in your ETH wallet. Snapshots will be taken on the last day of each month. You will automatically receive 20% annually staking rewards, 5% every 3 months of your total FRECNX holdings.

This update: 01 Nov 2019

IOST total allocation tokens worth of 10K USD. Register on Binance. Go on Campaign page and scroll to “Promotion C” to follow following steps. Trusted.

Huobi Earn upto 1000 USD daily. Register on site & login to complete this form. And read more here to complete last step. Trusted. free cryptocurrency giveaway

upcoming airdrops

This update: 27 Oct 2019


This update: 22 Oct 2019

ETC from Huobi ETC worth of up to 30,000$. Create an account on Huobi and follow this guide to complete task. Trusted. free crypto giveaway cryptocoin airdrop.

BlueHelix Tokens worth of 0.5$. Register on BHEX and follow & retweet this tweet. And fill this form. Trusted.

This update: 15 Oct 2019

Swiftex Tokens worth of 4$.  Sign up on website, Join telegram, twitter. cryptocoin airdrop. instant airdrops,

Synchrobit Tokens worth of 28$. Join telegram, twitter, FB, Instagram, Youtube, and sign up on the website.

Esax Tokens worth of 100$. Join telegram, twitter, FB, LinkedIn, Instagram. free crypto giveaway

Diagon Tokens worth of 15$. Join Telegram, FB, Twitter, Medium, Instagram.

Refork Tokens worth of 10$. Join Telegram, Twitter, FB.

crypto airdrops

Stan Tokens worth of 1$. Join telegram. airdrop,crypto.

This update: 04 Oct 2019

ECXX Tokens worth up to 20 USD. Register and verify your email. And pass KYC. Trusted

Artis Turba registers and verifies KYC.

Refork Follow the bot.

Step APP 5 Token daily. Submit your email address & Avalanche wallet. Trading on Binance

How to get crypto airdrops?

To get crypto airdrops you need to read all the requirements from each airdrop and follow all the rules.

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Glad Justen November 15, 2021 - 8:58 pm

Good day! I’m Glad manager of Qube Crypto Space https://theqube.cc/. We are very happy to carry out the airdrop on your resource. We plan to start on 16.11.

We want to know the cost of accommodation and free time slots. A very big request to respond promptly, as we plan to launch it in the near future.

cryptocreed November 16, 2021 - 3:22 am

You can fill the form and we will list your airdrop on our list. We would love to promote your airdrop campaign on our blog and other sites. Contact us here at [email protected] or [email protected]


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