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Wixi Exchange Review: Reason Why You Should Avoid This Scam Exchange

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on January 3, 2024 by cryptocreed

There are many exchanges we know but trying new exchanges is always a good choice in crypto until it turns into a scam because we don’t know which exchange will become a bigger exchange in the future and you miss the opportunities like airdrop that new exchanges nowadays offer.

Wixi is also a new exchange that launched in recent times, not the exact date we know but it was launched in 2023. As we already mentioned in the title it is a scam exchange but why we are calling them a scam?

We have reasons to call them scams and in this Wixi Exchange review article, we are going to know what is Wixi, who its is founder, its features, the reasons why we are calling them scams, and much more.

If you want to know if Wixi is a scam or legit then the answer is yes it is SCAM but if you want to know why we are calling them a scam then you have to go through this Wixi Exchange review article.

What Is Wixi Exchange?

Wixi Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that claims to be one of those exchanges that offer less transaction fee trades.

They keep claiming that they are best in different fields like safety, innovation, and professionalism. Mention on the website that they are best in keeping users’ funds safe and the user interface is good.

Their team includes members from different fields and a mixture of crypto plus finance experts that will help project or exchange to build for users.

Wixi Exchange is not limited to trading they offer other services like Launchpad and Insurance.

Who Is Behind Wixi Exchange? Founders & Team

When it comes to exchanging it is important to know who is behind it because you are putting your money in someone else’s pocket hence it is necessary to know who is that person.

So who founded Wixi Exchange? The answer is no one. On the website, they said the team includes experts from the cryptocurrency and finance field.

But on their website, I didn’t find a single page mentioning about team member or founder of the exchange. Also, they do not have any such info on the About Us page as well.

What Do They Offer? Features

Even though we know that WIXI is a scam platform we need to know what they offer so you can get an idea of what they plan to show you (users).

Crypto Exchange:- Users can use their Spot and margin trading on a single page but with an easy-to-use interface. You can choose the coin, price, total, fall insurance, and buying option. They take low commission but nothing has to show yet.

Launchpad: Launchpad is similar to any other launchpad where you can find the list of awesome projects in which you can invest using your Wixi account. Currently, they have their own token listed for sale which will launch on 1st December 2023. On BSC net.

Insurance:- Insurance of position and transaction or any other that you have held in your wallet.

P2P Trading:- You can buy and sell crypto in the P2P marketplace as of now they support coins like USDT, USDC, ETH, BUSD, BTC, and BNB. Unfortunately, they have currently only 2 merchants one of them is the Wixi team itself.

Crypto Latest News: One homepage they have latest news section where you can find the list of latest crypto news with title and link to news.

Wixi Exchange Is Scam Or Legit?

Wixi Exchange is a scam cryptocurrency exchange that is not currently operational. They do not have anything to show in public or they do not have anything that you can put as trust.

The following are the reasons why we call them scams.

No Team Details: They do not share anything about the location or their team details not even share the founder’s name or any other team members’ details.

Not Moving According To Roadmap: This is not a big issue but as a professional, they should update their roadmap. In the Roadmap they said in Q3 of 2023 they would launch farming, staking, and launchpad activity but nothing happened.

Fake Partners: On the partners section on their token website they mentioned the names of big exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, ByBit, Kraken, and more.

No Social Media Activity: They have Twitter page and Telegram group but they have 0 followers which show how unprofessional they are.

Fake Token Mcap: They have own token which they claim is trading on exchange with with high volume but when you check on transaction you will find that they are using MM bots to make trades which shows they have no users.

Also on launchpad page they added their project and raising fund from it and on other hand they are trading their token which shows their intention of scamming people.


Nothing to say much if you have gone through above contents in this Wixi Exchange review article. Wixi Exchange is fully scam platform which you should not use.

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Alex November 25, 2023 - 7:47 pm

Nice article, thx
But why don’t you think they just in the very beginning of the business? May be its wiser to wait for couple of months at least and look how does it work? Or try the service by yourself and then make a conclusion…?
Take it easier and have a good one)

cryptocreed November 26, 2023 - 6:23 am

Hello Alex,

Thanks for leaving your feedback.

We have reasons to call them scam and we already mentioned those reasons. The centralized exchange that doesn’t share team details are pure scam just take example of Livecoin. Also Wixi mentioned big crypto projects like binance as their partners but you know that it is fake. Also, check their own coin analytics.

If they are legit platform the they should prove that may be it is run by newbies then they need to work on planning first.

If you want to try then you are putting your own money on risk which is not everyone can afford to do.


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