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EMCD Pool Review: EMCD Mining Pool Is Safe To Use or Not?

by cryptocreed
EMCD Pool Review

Last Updated on January 3, 2024 by cryptocreed

There are already more than 25 active Bitcoin mining pools and EMCD tops this list as they are currently ranking somewhere between 7 positions according to their pool hash rate share.

The major question miners are asking related to EMCD is, whether it is legit or a scam. It is hard to say if EMCD is legit or a scam mining pool, as the reviews posted on the internet and details of the pool available on the net are very mixed & limited.

As many mining pools are already in the market EMCD tried to make its position the top Bitcoin mining pool in which they succeded.

You may not be able to find the answer to your question. Hence I did research for you and decided to bring an EMCD review which will cover all your major questions and conclude if it is worth using or not.

What Is EMCD and EMCD Pool?

EMCD was launched in 2017 as a Bitcoin mining pool and in a few years it ranked in the list of the top 10 Bitcoin mining pools according to their pool hashrate share. It claims that it is one of the mining pools that supports card withdrawal and offers 24/7 multilingual support.

They have more than 270K registered cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are using their pools or any other supported products.

As per some reports, EMCD is owned by Russian miners but has offices in Hong Kong. Also, the website claims that it is one of the biggest mining pools in Europe.

Supported Coins and Fees

Below is the table showing the supported coins with symbols, model of payment method, pool fees, and minimum payout.  As of now, they are supporting the top 7 minable coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, and Ethereum Classic.

Coin Symbol Model Commission Min. payout threshold
Bitcoin BTC FPPS 1.5%
Bitcoin Cash BCH FPPS 1.5%
Litecoin LTC PPS+ 1.5%
Dash DASH FPPS 1.5%
Ethereum Classic ETC FPPS 1.5% 0.1 ETC

How To Start Mining With EMCD Pool?

First, you have to register yourself on the EMCD mining pool website after registration you have to log in to the website. The registration and login process is quite easy.

You can sign up using our link.

After signing up you just need to connect your mining device with this pool. Click on Workers, and from here you can find the button to add your worker or miner to this pool.

After clicking on “Connect Devices” you will get miner details. Here you can choose the coin that you want to mine, next, choose the server – currently available servers are in the following regions Russia, Europe, China, USA, Iran, and Kazakhstan.

For GPU-based mining coins, you will find the option of whether to choose GPU or ASIC miner

After that, you have to copy addresses (Stratum), like the below one.

  • stratum+tcp://gate.emcd.io:5555
  • stratum+tcp://eu.emcd.io:3333 For BTC
  • stratum+tcp://gate.emcd.io:3333 For BTC

After connecting the device you can start mining your favorite coin.

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EMCD Customer Support

EMCD claims that they provide 24/7 customer support which seems false to us hence we tried to contact them and surprisingly we didn’t get a reply in the last 5 minutes.

But at the same time it is also understandable that the platform may have a limited customer support team and the number of users on the platform is high hence answering everyone immediately may not be possible for them.

For customer support, they have a Live Chat option and you can contact them through mail as well. On Live Chat they claim that you will get a reply within a minute. When I sent them the message I got a reply from them after around 8 minutes, which is OK for me.

EMCD Pool Mining Servers


  • stratum+tcp://gate.emcd.io:3333
  • stratum+tcp://eu.emcd.io:3333
  • stratum+tcp://eu2.emcd.io:3333
  • stratum+tcp://kz.emcd.io:3333
  • stratum+tcp://kg.emcd.io:3333
  • stratum+tcp://uz.emcd.io:3333
  • stratum+tcp://cn.emcd.io:3333
  • stratum+tcp://usa.emcd.io:3333
  • stratum+tcp://ir.emcd.io:3333


  • stratum+tcp://gate.emcd.io:3434
  • stratum+tcp://eu.emcd.io:3434
  • stratum+tcp://eu2.emcd.io:3434
  • stratum+tcp://kz.emcd.io:3434
  • stratum+tcp://kg.emcd.io:3434
  • stratum+tcp://uz.emcd.io:3434
  • stratum+tcp://cn.emcd.io:3434
  • stratum+tcp://usa.emcd.io:3434
  • stratum+tcp://ir.emcd.io:3434


  • stratum+tcp://gate.emcd.io:5555
  • stratum+tcp://eu.emcd.io:5555
  • stratum+tcp://eu2.emcd.io:5555
  • stratum+tcp://kz.emcd.io:5555
  • stratum+tcp://kg.emcd.io:5555
  • stratum+tcp://uz.emcd.io:5555
  • stratum+tcp://cn.emcd.io:5555
  • stratum+tcp://usa.emcd.io:5555
  • stratum+tcp://ir.emcd.io:5555


  • stratum+tcp://gate.emcd.io:6666
  • stratum+tcp://eu.emcd.io:6666
  • stratum+tcp://eu2.emcd.io:6666
  • stratum+tcp://kz.emcd.io:6666
  • stratum+tcp://kg.emcd.io:6666
  • stratum+tcp://uz.emcd.io:6666
  • stratum+tcp://cn.emcd.io:6666
  • stratum+tcp://usa.emcd.io:6666
  • stratum+tcp://ir.emcd.io:6666

EMCD Is Legit Or Scam?

In crypto, we don’t know which project is a scam or legit. This is the same with Cryptocurrency Mining Pools, there are many scams and fake, and negatively reviewed mining pools.

We don’t want you to use any scam pool hence we bring this EMCD review for you to understand if EMCD is legit or a scam.

Let’s check out the reviews on Trustpilot, they have a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 16 reviews. In some reviews, I found that people claimed that they got payment after some delay.

They have a mobile app as well, on Play Store they have a rating of 3.0 out of 5 from 10K downloads.

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