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DATABLOCKCHAIN revolutionary platform – Merging Big Data, AI and Blockchain Technology

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DataBlockchain is the platform which offers effective marketing data solutions to the individuals and businesses. These are the place where users and data providers can fulfill their needs. The system of the site will ensure users from getting good data.

The advertising market was in 2017 is worth 591$ billion and out of that 209$ billion was considered in online advertising. Without the proper data, no business can get an accurate result on their expenses.

The problem is in the current market is; The data industry nowadays is more complicated different data sources offering different data. How anyone can offer different data for the same thing. Though the current strategy is not sufficient. Here DataBlockchain provides a robust interface between data sources and users. The management of DataBlockchain will manage the quality of the data which is going to provide to the user.

There are various benefits of using DataBlockchain.io.

Transparency: By using a Blockchain system ensures the transparency of the project and work and also traceability and audit of data.

Confidence: The vetting and grading system will ensure the cooperation between users and data providers.

Verification: The data which will be provided to users will be verified by the team of DataBlockchain.

Simplification: Data that will be given to users will be simple to understand. There is no need for any extra knowledge. Also, the payment process will be simple.

Revenue: Users can make some good money by monetizing their data. For eg; If any person placing an order on our platform both data partner and blockchain.io will get the percentage of the fee.

Datablockchain has planned to have its own DBC wallet. This wallet will be the browser extension. The process of buying the product on DataBlockchain will be easier.


DataBlockchain (DBC) Token specification and ICO details:

Name of token:  DataBlockchain

Token ticker: DBC

Token type: ERC20

Platform Token: Ethereum

Total token supply: 870 MM

Pre-ICO end date:  21 June 2018

ICO start date: 27 June 2018

ICO end date: 21 July 2018

Soft cap: 10$ M

Hard cap: 50$ M

A rate of a token (ICO): 0.12 USD

Minimum purchase in ICO: 0.1 ETH

Accepting CryptoCurrency: ETH

Note: All unsold tokens will be burned and team members tokens will be on 12 months vesting with 25% releasing quarterly.

DataBlockchain (DBC) Token distribution details:

Token sale: 60%

Team Advisors: 24.41%

Bounty campaign: 1.15%

Airdrop/Marketing: 1.15%

Exchange/Reserve: 12.29%

DataBlockchain (DBC) Fund distribution details:

Development and Technology: 29%

Data Acquisition: 26%

marketing: 20%

Operations: 18%

Legal and Compliance: 7%

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