BOScoin: Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform

BOScoin ?? Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform??

BOScoin ?? Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform??

BlockchainOS is a  first public blockchain project from south korea, announced his ICO of BOSCoin from 10th May to 20 June 2017, and BOSCoin aim is to utilize the blockchain and other systems to solve the current issues in decentrilized system.

BOSCoin is the first cryptocurrency available for all from south korea, BOSCoin is now in his pre-ICO in the domestic market and it was succeed to gathered more than $2 during a two month.

BOSCoin seeks to provide an alternative to Ethereum where “the freedom and flexibility provided by the Turing-complete language which Ethereum is based on is the cause for several serious problem.”

Yezune Choi, the BlockchainOS CTO and General Executive Director, outlines the current state of blockchain, “There are two primary issues that need to be solved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain fields. The first issue is the integrity of the Dapps (Decentralized Applications) on the blockchain. The second issue is the consensus mechanism needed for confirming data on the blockchain and the decision making process for revising policies implemented in the core blockchain algorithm. We have been working on these core problems for over 2 years and are now opening our research to the public.”

BOSCoin, for the development of trust contracts they selected integration of semantic language,  Web Ontology Language (OWL) and Timed Automata Language (TAL), this allow to write smart contracts in a human readable language.

The Congress Network is decision making body which aimed to creating a more democratic and sustainable decision making process, the node operators from Congress Network in creating voting on proposals,with this node operators can accept or deny the proposals.

BOSCoin kingoffaucet

Bounty Program

Users can earn BOSCoin by participating in bounty program in BOSCoin Bounty Program this campaign held during the ICO. 138.04BTC was reserved for the ICO it was equals to 2% of BOSCoin available at ICO.
BOScoin Bounty Program

Their are 5 different bounty campaign ,before join any bounty campaign you must read rules of campaign,you have to submit a seperate form and you can see your application in spreadsheet on thier thread.

Newsletter and slack subscription (1,130,000BOS for this) 

Submit your application here

Newsletter subscribers are eligible for 200BOS (approx US$5.00) per person
Slack subscribers are eligible for 100BOS (approx US$2.50) per person

Facebook & Twitter 750,000BOS for both

For twitter you can fill this form and follow the rule to gain more BOSCoin and this form also for facebopok campaign.

All users can check here their progress in the bounty campaign. For other bounty campaign visit their thread on

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