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Top 30 List of URL Shorteners: Shortener Link and Earn Money

Here is the list of Best URL short link sites. Almost all the sites are currently paying and legit. This list will get updated once a month. We will remove scam sites from the list if we found any.

Remember most new and high CPM sites are a scam. Use them wisely.

There are many Bitcoin Url Shortener websites and many of them are scams and at the same time, many of them are legit. No one knows which site will turn into a scam. If you find any scam site then please comment down.

How Many URL Shortener You Should Use?

There are many and many but I suggest not to use more than 10 to 15 URL shortener websites at once. Also do not believe that high CPM websites are legit most of the scam site offers high CPM at starting.

But later they run away.

If you have a big website with huge numbers of users then you can use more sites to generate more revenue. It is possible to make a good amount of money from these shorteners.

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How We Do List URL Shorteners Here?

I am adding most of the URL shortener sites here only after testing them. If I am saying it is legit or a scam then it is for real-time. I already tested them and received payment at least once and then adding them.

Also, added some sites from public review, which means I didn’t test them but those sites have many positive responses.

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List of Best URL Shortener Sites

You can suggest your favorite or missed one in the comment box so I can add them to this list after reviewing them.
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Conclusion: All the sites are checked and used by me personally and received payment at least once.