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Step By Step Tutorial To Start Your Own Bitcoin Faucet

How To Create A Bitcoin Faucet Site


Here in this post, I am going to teach you how to start your own Bitcoin faucets step by step. Almost 60% of Bitcoiners don’t know how to set up their own faucet. This post for those who don’t know how to create bitcoin faucet.

Note: Please comment if you think this is outdated.

To create your own faucet you need hosting + domain, never select free hosting for faucets because they have a limitation, I recommend to use Hostinger service

In this tutorial, we are going to use faucetsystem to faucethub modified script. (every script has its own way to set up)  (other Bitcoin Faucet Scripts.) (Here is a video tutorial on how to build your own Bitcoin Faucet)

Lets rock!

Step 1

First of all download script from here click on me and save it on your desktop.

Step 2

Now go to www.namecheap.com (you can use other services if you want)and click on hosting and then click on shared hosting you will get 1 .website domain free + 3 domain hosting(it’s mean you can host a maximum 3 domain in this plan).

Step 3

Confirm your email and once confirmed, your domain will be working. create bitcoin faucet

Step 4

Go to Cpanel, you can find that in domain list>manage. Then click on create the database and enter these details

MySQL database name: Type database name which you want(e.g. myfaucet)

MySQL username: Type username which you want(e.g. myfaucet)

Password for MySQL user: Type_password

Enter password again: Retype_password

and proceed with them then save these details.

Step 5

Open MySQL ,click on “import” upload .sql file from script folder and save

Step 6

Now open “File manager” then public_html and upload the script here,you can upload whole .zip file and extract it there and after extract select“config.php” and click on “open editor”.You have to edit this settings:

define(‘MYSQL_SERVER’  , ‘localhost’);//MySQL server

define(‘MYSQL_LOGIN’   , ‘test_faucet’);//MySQL login

define(‘MYSQL_PASSWORD’, ‘test_password’);//MySQL password

define(‘MYSQL_BASE’    , ‘test_faucet’);//MySQL base


define(‘MYSQL_SERVER’  , ‘localhost’);//MySQL server

define(‘MYSQL_LOGIN’   , ‘your_database_username);//MySQL login

define(‘MYSQL_PASSWORD’, ‘your_password’);//MySQL password

define(‘MYSQL_BASE’    , ‘your_database_host’);//MySQL base

and click save

Step 7

open a new tab and enter your faucet URL and you will find your faucet home page and there was a one “LOCK” sign on the left side click there to log in, your default username and password is (admin, admin) and log in. create own faucet site.

Step 8

TO change password and username, After login, go to settings>security and go to the bottom and there you can change your password and username. (don’t close this tab)

Step 9

Open the new tab and go to FaucetPay click on login (If you are not registered there then click on the register) next, click on user>faucet manager>your faucet>create a new faucet, and enter your details.

Step 10

Now we have to enter the API key in Faucet Click on “Your faucet” in FaucetPay, then click on show API key, copy the API key and open your faucets dashboard and paste there in the dashboard.

Step 11

Now time to get a Captcha Service, go to google Recaptcha login and click on get Recaptcha and enter the label as Your Faucet name and in the next box enter your domain name without (www or HTTP) and then click Register.

Step 12

Now you will see two keys provided.
First copy the Site Key and go back to your Admin Page and put the copied key in the “reCaptcha Public Key” section.
Now copy the Secret Key and go back to your Admin Page and put the copied key in the “reCaptcha Private Key” section.

Step 13

Time to set up a reward, it’s the number of bitcoins you want to give users every time the claim.
You can enter like “50, 100, 200, 500” which means that randomly users will get between 50 to 500.
You can edit it anytime.

Step 14

Now you can set up referral earning a percentage, put 0 to disable the referral system.

Step 15

You have to deposit Bitcoins to run your faucet, Goto your FaucetPay account, click on user>faucet manager>Wallet>click on Bitcoin logo>in next page BTC address is there send bitcoins to there.

Step 16

You can change what you want to change in the faucet. 🙂

Now you have to share your faucet and put some ads to get revenue 🙂


I tried my best to write this tutorial, I hope it will help you to create your own faucets. how to make your own bitcoin faucet.

Many of you may don’t know how to create a bitcoin faucet if you don’t then contact me using the contact us page, I will try my best to help you in creating your own faucet. how to start a bitcoin faucet.  

If you want any help, comment here

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renicwp July 28, 2021 - 3:33 pm

Thank you for making it easy to understand and people who are interested to learn can give a go. Great


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