Here is the list of best and most trusted EOS wallets for your EOS coin and tokens. At the time of writing, EOS total circulation in market is more than 5.162 Billion USD. It is the 5th most used cryptocurrency, according to coinmarketcap.

EOS.IO is software that introduces a blockchain architecture designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications.

It is good idea to hold EOS, as it looks like long term project. You can buy EOS from following exchanges: HitBTC, Kucoin, Binance and there are many other exchanges but this are trusted and easy to use.

Here is the easy tutorial on how to create wallet on ZEOS. Must watch video which was added in article.

Desktop Wallets

Let’s check desktop wallets first. Desktop wallets are easy to use but there are more chances that you may get hacked. Use desktop wallets only if you are sure that there is nothing inappropriate things in your computer or you are not going to download any such files which are not most important. Avoid to download things from unknown sources like games or Keylogger.


This wallets is developed by EOS Block producer, it assure us about security of wallet. You can use this wallet in any system Windows, MacOS or in linux. Size of wallet is about 100MB.

Some features of wallet: Token transfer, Contact list, Airdrop support, Transaction history, Multiple account, Voting portal, Stake/unstake and EXODUS Compatibility.

For more info visit their site.


Not much visible in market but they are used by many people. Very simple to use.

Features of wallet: Token transfer, Block producer voting, Bandwidth staking and local wallet.

Mobile Wallet


Very well known wallet for multi currency. Infinito wallet doesn’t have control on your wallet, to use EOS wallet in infinito wallet you required Private Key which you can generate by using scatter.

Available for Android and iOS

Web wallet


You can use scatter anywhere in any device desktop, mobile or web.


Very simple to use. Sign up using email or FB & gmail. Security options are available like 2FA, pin code, Email confirmation. Multicurrency wallet.






Fast and secure way to send your ETH and ERC20 Token

Hello guys, one more guiding article. Here we will tell you how to run MyEtherWallet (MEW) offline. You guys may be heard recent Scam and a hacking attempt on MEW. Many of you may don’t know how to use MEW offline here we will guide you.

Using MEW offline considered as the safest way to control your ETH or ERC20 tokens. There no need for internet connection.

Most users choose to have one separate computer (or in rare cases mobiles too) to use offline wallet.

Download and install wallet

You are sure that your computer doesn’t have any Internet connection.

You need to download latest version MyEtherWallet wallet from here. You can download this wallet from your any other computer. Click on  ( X.X.X. is the version of wallet like current version is 3.21.11 ).


Move this .ZIP file to your offline computer, you can use a USB stick or something similar. After moving extract all files where you want in your offline PC. After extracting all the files you can find these files:

Everything is there what you need. Now to do the transaction, open the MyEtherWallet by clicking on the index.html file. You are now on the MyEtherWallet page, here you can do all the things which you are doing normally on visiting (like sending ETH or ERC20 tokens)


You may get a warning saying that it is unable to connect to the network, ignore this.

You can’t see your Ether or token balance in your offline wallet, but you can use Etherscan or Ethplorer to see your balance.

Must update Offline wallet, at least once in a month, as a team is updating website or wallet constantly.

Here is a guide on how to send Ethereum or token offline.

First of all, let’s understand about TRON, What is TRON or TRX?


Tron is the global free entertainment system based on the blockchain technology. Because of use of the Blockchain and distributed storage technology, Tron’s protocol allows every user to freely publish, store and use own data. This is the best solution of the current centralized entertainment content sites has. Blockchain technology allows users to keep their data safe within them, no any other intermediaries comes.

Currently, Tron has more than 5 million users with numbers of app partners like Peiwo, Obike, Gifto, and Uplive.Tron is a Decentralized application that you can trust.

Tron may leave the Ethereum blockchain to their own mainnet.

Wallet for Tron (TRX)

TRX is an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum blockchain. Youcan store ERC-20 token in any Ethereum wallets. Developers of Tron has not built any official Tron wallet, because there are already numbers of ERC-20 compatible wallets are available.

Note: We strongly recommend to not use any Exchange site to store your ERC-20 tokens.

MyEtherWallet (MEW) 

MEW is the Free, open-source, client-side interface ethereum wallet.  MyEtherWallet store your Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and all ERC-20 tokens. Recently, at the time of writing, they faced some critical hacking and phishing attempts. But they are safe always check their Twitter account for any official news. We recommend this wallet because MEW allows users to keep control in their hands.

You can use MyEtherWallet offline too, here is the guide how to use MyEtherWallet offline or locally.

MyEtherWallet was launched in 2015 and still running.

Note: Never share the Private Key of your wallet. Private Key is different than your ETH address.


Best wallet to defend hacking or phishing attempts. MetaMask analyzed the website and prevent users from using such sites.MetaMask is only available as an extension for Chrome, FireFox, Opera, and Brave browsers.

You can use this wallet without login as passwords and your private keys are encrypted on the browser.

MetaMask Blacklist


Mostly all the features of MyCrypto are same as MyEtherWallet. But they claim that they have some extra features which MEW don’t have.

Features like Ether Security Lookup and Ether address lookup.

MyCrypto has windows wallet app too, right now it is available for macOS and Linux only.

MyCrypto has an interesting story, all the team members are from MyEtherWallet team. The team members started this own MyCrypto after leaving MyEtherWallet.


Buy TRX from Exchange sites

The current market cap of TRX is 596K BTC, it ranks number 10 on TRX was listed on more than 90 exchange sites.  Here are the most reputable exchange sites where TRX is trading.


TRX to BTC trading volume on Binance is $171 M at the rate of $0.088. Binance is the fastest growing exchange in the crypto world, it was launched in 2017.


It is US-based cryptocurrency exchange site launched in 2014. Bittrex is the oldest exchange site but it has negative reviews because of their customer support.


Don’t have much info regarding this exchange site.



MYETHERWALLET GUIDE – How to use MyEtherWallet (MEW)

myetherwallet guide

Running a full-node is an essential piece of any cryptocurrency’s-eco-system, as it helps keep the system decentralized & 100% secure. Be that as it may, as a client, not every person has the resources to communicate & store the blockchain in their computer system, which is entirely required when running the Ethereum-Browser, Mist or some other full node wallet solutions. Mist can be utilized as a basic wallet to send & receive payments, yet it expects clients to run a full node & it requires a significant stretch of time to match up. On the off chance that you need to make another wallet without downloading the blockchain or just haven’t done as such in quite a while & don’t wish to download a major piece of it, you can essentially utilize the web-based application, MyEtherWallet. MYETHERWALLET GUIDE

MyEtherWallet isn’t a standard Web Wallet. It doesn’t enable you to create an account & to store your Ether on their servers; they essentially permit you to make a wallet, which is yours to store & keeps safe & to communicate your transactions on the blockchain through their full node. In this guide, I will guild you on how to create MyEtherWallet & how to send a transaction, both online & offline.

Section One – Create a Wallet

Stage One: If you have utilized mist previously, you have created a wallet & have the private key for that wallet stored on your computer system, discover your keystore & you can skip to Section Two. On the off chance that you have to create a new-wallet, you can utilize MyEtherWallet to do as such.

Stage Two: Store your Private-Key. You have three (3) methods for doing this. You can download .JSON-file with an encrypted-version of the private key which is perfect with geth, mist, & myetherwallet & requires a password-to-decrypt (Keystore). You can likewise store unencrypted-version of your private key by downloading it in a .JSON-file or by duplicate sticking it from the site.

Stage Three: Save your wallet-address or QR-code. Keeping in mind the end goal to receive transactions you should give the sender an open key to which he can send the Ether to, you can duplicate the content format or the QR-Code. The QR-code can likewise be utilized to make a paper wallet.

Section Two – Send a Transaction

Stage One: Once you have your wallet you would now be able to send & receive transactions. You should simply transfer the private key-file you have made through the MyEtherWallet site or mist/geth. Basically click “Send-Transaction”, select the kind of private key you need to utilize & click on “Select wallet file”.

Stage Two: Select the wallet you need to utilize. You can check the wallet-address the key has a place with, by taking a gander at the file-name & including “0x” toward the start of the address. Mist wallet private-keys are typically stored in .folder. Once you have chosen the right private key, type the secret word (password) & click on click “Unlock-wallet”

Stage Three: Now you should simply fill-out the Wallet you need to send Ether to, & the amount you need to send. Click on “Generate-Transaction” & afterward “Send-transaction”.

Stage Four: One last confirmation window will show up, click on “Yes, I-am-sure”

Section Three – How to make an offline-transaction

Stage One: If you need to make a transaction without the need to expose your Private-key to an internet connection, you can utilize MyEtherWallet. Go to “Offline Transaction” & embed the wallet from which you are sending Ether. Click on “Generate-Information” & store the Gas-Price & Nounce data.

Stage Two: Double-click “index.html” & choose “Offline transaction”. The Website will look simply like the online version.

3rd stage: Enter the amount of Ether you need to send & the address you need to send it to. Embed the Gas & Nounce as previously explained in stage one.

Stage Four: Upload your Keystore-file & open it with your private password.

Stage Five: “Click on Click-Generate-Signed-Transaction” & save the information showed

6th stage: Now you can broadcast the transaction to the blockchain, by going to MyEtherWallet on a computer system with an internet connection, go to “Offline-Transaction” once more, duplicate the information/data & click on “Send-Transaction”

Seven: One last confirmation-window will show up, click on “Yes, I-am-certain”

In conclusion, you can now create a MyEtherWallet within 2-4 minutes & effortlessly send a transaction without the need to download & broadcast the blockchain! Also, you can even secure yourself against frightful-hackers by generating a transaction-offline & broadcasting it on an online computer system.

This article is, especially for Bounty hunters. There are so many Bounty campaigns are running some of them are trusted, scams and some of them are failed. It’s very hard to select best and trusted bounty campaign. Sometimes, some bounty campaigns look legit till their ICO end but after they raised fund they run away with those raised money.

Bounty campaigns are the best and fastest way to make a huge amount of money with risk. Almost all bounty campaigns are paying in their own Coin or Token. You can’t withdraw your Coins or Token until that tokens not get listed on any exchange site. Joining bounty campaigns don’t require much knowledge or time, well time depends on the type of campaigns.

Note: Different campaigns different rules. Never share your wallets Private Key. Don’t use the same password in many accounts or sites. Don’t install unwanted and unknown apps. Always check websites url before doing any action on them. Don’t try to spam bounties campaigns if you do then they will knock you out. Must read rules of every campaign.

Where can find Bounty campaigns?

You can find all bounty campaigns here on our website and as well as on BitcoinTalk forum’s Bounties section.  We are highlighting best and trusted bounties campaigns on our site.

Requirements to Join:

BitcoinTalk forum’s account at least member rank account.

Your comments or posts should write in a proper way with proper English.

Twitter account with at least 200 followers.

FaceBook account with at least 100 friends.

Own Blog or website also you can use free blog platforms like medium and steemit.

Ethereum ERC20 based wallet, I suggest using MyEtherWallet (MEW)

Waves based wallet I suggest to use

Must have an account on exchanges site to exchange your tokens or bounty rewards in BTC or in any other coin.

Telegram, Discord and Slack account. Download their apps for easy work.

Types of Bounty Campaign:

Signature campaign.

Social media campaign.

Translation campaign.

Media and Blog campaign and others.


How to join in detail with an example of  NTOK’s bounty campaign. We are not promoting NTOK ICO, we just taken for example purpose. 

Signature Campaign: This is one of the highest paying bounty campaign types. High-rank high pay. You must at least member rank of the forum to join. You just need to wear signature codes on your profile to join any companies bounty campaign.

Steps to join: this is the only example.

If you want to join NTOK’s signature campaign.

Visit their Bounty page.

Find signature campaign details.

Check your profile rank, if you are hero member then choose hero member signature.

Copy signature code and past that on your profile here. You can also add an avatar on the same page. And follow their rules.

Social Media: This campaign reserved second highest amount of funds. Social Media campaign is also divided into many subparts. It includes Facebook campaign, Twitter campaign, LinkdIn, Reddit and etc. Your twitter and facebook account must have more than 200 followers or friends. Rewards depend on followers and friend more followers or friends then more rewards.


How to join:

Here we are taking an example of twitter and facebook campaign only.


Submit your registration here. Follow them on twitter. Tweet about them or retweet their tweets. Read rules and follow them.


Apply here to join in. Follow and like NTOK official page.  Like and share the official posts. Read rules and follow them.


Just join their official telegram group and be active in that. Don’t forget to fill out this form to apply.

Translation campaign:  This section allowed the small amount of fund but an individual can earn lots of them, why? Let’s assume there was a fund of (10% of the total fund is 100 000)  and 10 translators. So 10% of the total fund is 10,000$ and participants are only 10 so every individual participant will get 1000$ for translation. But here task is not much easy and competition is more.There are already many translators available.

Don’t use any type of translator device or site. If you do you will get Red feedback which is very bad for long term work.

How to join:

Fill out this form. You may get PM or telegram message (some bounties have the spreadsheet to track application). Submit your work within given time.  Don’t use google translator or any same site.

Media and Blog campaigns: If you have own blog or writing skill then this is the best campaign to earn some free bucks and improve your skill. Also if you have own youtube channel then you can publish video on that, also you can use Dailymotion or the similar site.

How to join:

Write an article on your site or publish video on your channel. Articles must at least 500 words and written in proper english. After writing article or publishing video use this form to submit your work. Rewards are based on your audience and visitors.

Other campaigns: There are many other campaigns are hosted by company or bounty managers. Like Miscellaneous, Meme creator campaign, banner campaign (adding banners on site), bug campaign (find the bug and send a report to the company) and many others bounty campaigns.

Where to check your application?

Almost all bounty campaigns are using google form to accept application’s and they automatically add participants data in google spreadsheet which is connected to google form. In case NTOK has also all in one spreadsheet. Some campaigns have a separate spreadsheet and some of them have data for all bounties in one spreadsheet.

What to remember while selecting Bounty Campaign?

Most people get attract from the design of website or thread and they decide to join that bounty campaign. Sometimes they join specific bounty campaign because of high rewards but at the end of campaigns they may get scammed or they not get the whole amount of money or bounty campaigns failed ICO and many other reasons.

There are many things to remember while choosing proper bounty campaign. The first thing is that Team of the project. If they project don’t have proper or experienced team mates then there are chances that project may get dumbbed on way. As we are taking the example of NTOK bounty I would like to show you about the team of NTOK project. Project owners are looks trusted and experienced you can check their linkedin profiles. ANDREW KRAVETS  &  MAX SHEKHOVTSOV for other team info you can find details on specific bounty website.

The second thing is Idea of the project. If you don’t have a unique idea or you are cloning someone else’s work then people are not going to join you. To know about the project you need to visit their whitepaper most of the bounty companies are writing about their project in the whitepaper.

Bounty campaign is the third factor which you need to analyze before joining any bounty. The things which you need to analyse is that who is managing campaign, campaign is managing in proper way ( their are many bounty campaigns which are running in very poor state), budget and currency of bounty some bounty campaigns are  paying payment in BTC or ETH which are already available in market but most of the campaigns are paying in their own token which will available in exchange market only if ICO get success.

The effort of team member needs to mention here. If any campaigns official website or social media pages are not updating then it’s not worth to join that type of bounty campaign.

Partners of the campaign, like NTOK, has a partnership with ICOBOX a leading ICO consultant web service provider.


Why do you need to select trusted bounty campaigns?

Stopping and avoiding a scam is our responsibility we need to stop scammers. If you promote every project and even you know that this or this project is may scam. You will not get paid for this but people appreciate your work and you. You also save your time.