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Tumbler.io Review: It Is Legit Or Scam Bitcoin Tumbler

by cryptocreed
Tumbler.IO Review

Last Updated on January 11, 2024 by cryptocreed

Tumbler.io is a new Bitcoin mixer platform that was just launched in the year 2023 but become one of the most popular ZBitcoin Tumbler platforms. Hence the question arises if they are legit or not.

They claim that they are focused on providing Privacy to their users and the Bitcoin community, and also claim that they offer the most reliable Bitcoin Mixer or Tumbler services in this Tumblers industry.

Fortunately or unfortunately there are already many Bitcoin Mixers who made these claims in the past but only a few can survive. Most of them went away from the community some turned into scams some closed down.

Let’s check out what Tumbler.io can be, whether it is legit or just another scam, what features they have, and much more to know.  If you found this Tumbler.io review useful then do not forget to share it with others.

What Is Tumbler.io?

Bitcoin Tumbler Tumbler.io is one of the popular Bitcoin Mixers. It was launched in 2023 but made its place at the top list of Bitcoin Mixer.

By using Tumbler.io you can hide yourself from the public domain, mixers do remove traces from your address. You send your Bitcoin to Tumbler.io, they send you Bitcoin from an address that has no transactions.

In short, you will get your Bitcoin from the fresh wallet. It is good for those who don’t want to get exposed to authorities.

They created their first public announcement in September 2023 on BitcoinTalk. It is important to know that the BitcoinTalk forum has announced that they are not allowing Mixers to create threads on the forum.

Tumbler.io Features

Before using any mixer it is important to know why you should use them. What makes them special? Features. You should check the features of the services first.

So let’s check out the features that make Tumbler.io better.

Security:- They do not keep Logs or do not ask for KYC.

Efficient Mixing:– Guaranteed disruption of the connection between sender and receiver using a Tumbler Code and temporary freezing of “new” coins.

CoinJoin:- By utilizing the advanced cutting-edge mixing algorithms technology CoinJoin is used to secure & mix Bitcoins.

High Reserve:- Tumbler.io has more than 500 BTC in its reserves.

Tor Access:- The Tor version can be accessed for better security.

There are many more features that you can explore on their website.

Tumbler.io Fee Structure

Bitcoin Mixers are chosen only after seeing their fee because it plays in vital role in Mixers. Tumbler.io takes a minimum of 0.4% of the mixing fee plus you have to pay a transaction fee of 0.0004 BTC for each receiving address.

You can customize your fee to get more privacy on mixing. You can pay the fee from 0.40% to 5.00%.

They shared the Tumbler.io fee table which you can find below.

Tumbler.io – Fee
Mixed amount Discount Min. service fee
1 – 10 BTC 10% 0.36%
10 – 25 BTC 20% 0.32%
25 – 50 BTC 30% 0.28%
50 – 100 BTC 40% 0.24%
100 BTC and more 50% 0.20%

How To Use Tumbler.Io?

Let’s check out this with the one-by-one steps to learn how you can use Tumbler.io to mix your coins.

  • First, visit the website, you can use our referral link.
  • Click on Mix Now.
  • Complete captcha.
  • Enter the Tumbler code if you have used the mixing before.
  • Enter your receiving address, you can add up to 10 addresses.
  • Set mixing fee.
  • Set percentage of allocation to addresses.
  • Prefer your own Delay time.

Now click on Continue, on the next page, you have to accept the terms. After accepting terms mixing will be in progress.

Tumbler.io Is Legit Or Scam?

Tumbler.io seems like a legitimate platform as used and shared details by the users on BitcoinTalk. They are not listed on any other reviewing website.

If you used this mixer then do not forget to share the review in the comment box.

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