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How To Create Algorand Paper Wallet To Store ALGO Coin

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Last Updated on June 16, 2023 by cryptocreed

Looking for an Algorand paper wallet generator? Then you will end up finding no paper wallets for Algorand coins because there is no paper wallet available as of now for Algo coins.

Yes, there is one paper wallet available but I do not recommend that wallet generator as it has many negative reviews.

But there is a way to create a paper wallet for the Algorand coin. Paper wallets are one of the safest ways to store cryptocurrencies and if you want to store your coin offline then you should try paper wallets.

Algorand Paper Wallet Generator


WalletGenerator.Net is one of the oldest paper wallet generators for more than 100 cryptocurrencies including Algo coin. You can generate paper wallets using this site but since there are many negative reviews about them and the MetaMask security system detected unusual codes on their website I do not suggest using this generator.

You can visit them from here https://walletgenerator.net/?currency=Alqo and can create Algo Paper Wallet within a few clicks.

There is also another issue with this wallet is that it is not updated with the latest Algorand updates and it generates the wrong Public Key.

So just stay away from them.

How To Create Algorand Paper Wallet

As the above site is not safe to create a paper wallet here is the method to create a paper wallet manually for Algo coin.

First, you have to visit the online web wallet here https://wallet.myalgo.com/add-wallet but before visiting this site make sure you do not have installed any unknown app or extension. Also clear cache.

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Click on the Access button from the above link. You have to accept terms & conditions and then enter your password.

After entering your password you are in here you have to click on New Wallet. Here you will get “Mnemonic Phrase” which you have to keep safely, just copy and paste it on Notepad for now.

Note: Mnemonic Phrase is your Private Key

Enter your Mnemonic Phrase for verification and enter your password again.

Now you are logged in to your wallet. Search and click on three dots as mentioned in the below image.

Here you will get the Export option. Click on that and here you will get your Mnemonic Phrase and same in QR code.

Now open Google Chrome and search for “Offline QR-Code Generator” and install any offline QR code generator. After installing your QR code generator copy your Mnemonic Phrase and generate a QR code using the QR Code generator.

After getting your Mnemonic Phrase and installing the QR code generator you should turn off the internet. You can also get your Mnemonic Phrase, Wallet Address, and Wallet Address in QR Code.

After creating the QR Codes print them out and keep them safe.

To access your wallet you can use MyAlgo wallet but make sure your computer is safe.

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