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Ton Paper Wallet: How To Create A Toncoin Paper Wallet

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on September 19, 2023 by cryptocreed

Looking for best Ton Paper Wallet to store your Toncoin offline? Then you are at right place.

Paper wallets are one of the safest and cheapest way to store coins offline. Paper wallets gives you access to your wallet and you are in full control over your wallet.

After checking on the internet we didn’t found many wallets for generating Ton address but still there are some open-source paper wallet to generate Ton wallet.

Before checking the list of Toncoin paper wallets lets see what is Toncoin.

What Is TonCoin?

Toncoin is founded and developed in 2018 founders of Telegram it is a layer 1 blockchain.

In early Telegram founders built or planned to build GRAM coin but due to SEC effects they didn’t make it but they after that they founded Toncoin and passed the project to the community supported foundation.

Toncoin is based on Proof Of Stake consensus model for better network scalability and reliability. Their aim is to provide the fast, transparent, and secure payment services.

Toncoin is fully focusing on getting integrated with Telegram in every possible way.

Where I Can Buy Toncoin?

TON coin is trading on over 20 exchanges and among them few top tier exchanges also supports them. Following is the list of exchanges where you can Buy TON coin.

Best Ton Paper Wallet

Let’s check out the offline ton wallets that you can use to generate Toncoin wallet. For paper wallets i do beleive open-source wallets should be only considered.

Qpwedev’s Ton paper Wallet

Qpwedev is a username of GitHub user who created Toncoin paper wallet with title “Simple command line application that generates a paper wallet for the TON blockchain”.

The code is 100% written in Javascript and has provided the guide on how to use it. Unfortunatelly yuu need to be familiar with Node.js to run this paper wallet.

Here is the step on how to create toncoin paper wallet.

GitHub Link: https://github.com/qpwedev/ton-paper-wallet-generator

  • First you have to install Node in your device
  • Then clone the repository shared in the GitHub
  • Install yarn
  • Now run Yarn Gen and you will find your Toncoin paper wallet generator is live.

This paper wallet generates four things.

  • Address
  • Public Key
  • Private Key
  • Mnemonic Phrase

Creating wallet using this is easy way to generate any wallet. Offline wallets are safest wallets as well but you have to be okay with your files or private keys. If you lose your pruivate key then you woill lose your money or coins as well.

Toncoin Alternative Coins Wallets

Toncoin is best coin  for now and their future is bright but you can’t put your all money in one coin hence diversity is important and here is the list of the wallets of the coins that have future.

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