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7 Best Ordinals Wallet To Store ORDI Coins & Bitcoin Based NFTs

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Since Binance listed Ordinals coin it started making noise in the crypto space. In no time it ranked in the top 150 coins as per Market Cap valuation.

Ordinals are not much different from NFTs, Ordinal Inscription are digital assets or you can call them NFTs on Bitcoin but inscribed on a Satoshi (which is the lowest denomination of a Bitcoin).

Ordinals Protocol was created by Casey Rodarmo.

Let’s check out the list of the best Ordinals wallets where you can store ORDI coins.

Why To Use Ordinals Wallet?

You can use Bitcoin Core wallet to make transactions of Bitcoin but there are Ordinals friendly Ordinals Wallet that you can use to store Bitcoin NFTs. Some wallets also provide a marketplace where you can trade your NFTs for your own rate.

Ordinal Wallets provide simple and easy to access your wallet. You can use any of the following best  Ordinals Wallets to store ORDI coins and digital assets that are built on top of the Bitcoin & Ordinals protocol.

Where I Can Buy Bitcoin Ordinals?

ORDI coin is trading on over 20 exchanges and among them few top-tier exchanges also support them. Following is the list of exchanges where you can Buy Ordinals coins.

List Of Best Ordinals Wallets

Following is the list of the best ORDI wallets that are more friendly to Ordinals protocol and digital assets. With these wallets, you can hold, store, receive, send, and analyze your Ordinals coin. Some wallet also allows you to buy and sell Ordinals within the wallet.

Let’s check out the Ordinals wallet now.

Xverse Wallet

Xverse made it possible to bring Bitcoin to Web3 it is one of the most popular web3 wallets for Bitcoin and BRC20 tokens. You don’t need to run a full Bitcoin node to access your wallet.

It also allows users to swap tokens, trade their tokens & other digital assets, connect with other DeFi platforms, connection with Defi that are powered by Stacks. It claims to be one of the best wallets for your Bitcoin NFTs, Bitcoin Ordinals, and BRC20 tokens.

You can also connect your Ledger Hardware Wallet with the Xverse wallet. Recently they introduced the staking option which allows users to stake Bitcoin and earn a high APR.

Xverse is a mobile and extension-based wallet. More than 100K installed on  Chrome Extension, 50K downloads on Play Store, and 40K downloads on App Store.

Supported Devices:- App Store, Play Store, APK, and Chrome Extension

Website:- https://www.xverse.app

OKX Wallet

OKX is one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges that launched their OKX wallet recently. The OKX Wallet is a web3 wallet that allows users to have control over their assets.

In recent times OKX announced that OKX Wallet is fully ready to support Bitcoin Ordinals. OKX Wallet is friendly with Bitcoi TapRoot upgrade hence you can now enjoy Ordinals in OKX wallet.

Most of the wallets are limited to a few blockchains but OKX Wallet supports more than 50 Networks and allows you to swap or use their bridge to make transactions from one network to another.

You can purchase, swap, bridge, receive, send, and hold Bitcoin ordinals. In my opinion, it is one of the best Bitcoin Ordinals Wallets for those who want to interact with other chains as well.

Supported Devices:- App Store, Play Store, Website, macOS, Windows app, and Chrome Extension

Website:- OKX

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Hiro Wallet is now Leather

Hiro Wallet is a more of service provider like they launched Ordinal services before any other wallet or platform in February 2023. You can store & manage  BTC, Ordinals, Stamps, BRC20 tokens, STX, Stacks NFTs, Ordinal NFT inscription, and any other Bitcoin-related things.

The Leather wallet is also compatible with other Ordinal platforms like Gamma, MagicEden, Sigle, OrdinasBot, etc. You can access Bitcoin Defi with just one click.

Leather Wallet allows you to send and receive Bitcoin on native SegWit and Taproot addresses. It is one of the best Ordinals Wallet for the Bitcoin Defi ecosystem.

They have more than 100K active users with more than 375K downloads. More than 300K transactions were placed through Leather Wallet.

Leather Wallet can be used as a Desktop app on Windows, MacOS, and Linux devices. You can also use the wallet in Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge as extensions.

Supported Devices:- Linux, macOS, Windows app, and Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge as Extension

Website:- https://leather.io


Ordinals Wallet is a non-custodial Bitcoin Wallet where you can simply view and store Bitcoin plus Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs. The team launched the wallet in February 2023 but limited to some users currently any can use the platform to create a wallet and manage it.

You can hold, store, and view the Ordinals directly from the wallet. You can also transfer, send, receive, inscribe, buy, and sell Ordinals within the wallet.

Ordinals Wallet is a community-funded wallet.

Supported Devices:- Website

Website:- https://ordinalswallet.com

Can I Store Bitcoin Ordinals In Metamask?

  • Connecting MetaMask to Generative
  • Signing the Message
  • Seed Generation
  • Generate the master key
  • Creating A Bitcoin Taproot wallet

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