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5 Best Ethereum Paper Wallet Generator: Create ETH Paper Wallet

by cryptocreed
4 Best Ethereum Paper Wallet

Last Updated on May 29, 2024 by cryptocreed

Ethereum is the second most used cryptocurrency nowadays and attacks on Ethereum users’ balances have also been increased. Storing cryptocurrency is still a major concern for most users.

The person who knows that centralized wallets that keep your private key are not safe to store any cryptocurrency, especially when you hold a large number of coins.

As of now, Hardware wallets and paper wallets are considered the safest ways to store Ethereum. But still, safety depends on the person who creates an account and how they create an account.

What Is Ethereum Paper Wallet?

All paper wallets are the same whether it is Ethereum Paper Wallet or Litecoin Paper Wallet, the only difference is the coin and design of the site.

Paper wallets are just another form of wallet to store cryptocurrencies. Paper Wallets allow you to have full control over your account as they give you all the keys to your account and don’t store any data on their server.

You can also use paper wallets offline which is recommended to generate Ethereum paper wallet addresses.

5 Best Ethereum Paper Wallet Generator

There are many Ethereum Paper Wallets you can find on the Internet but here we are going to check out only the top 2 of them.  Choose one wisely.


I had to put this on top because most of the people who search for paper wallets end up finding this one and I marked this as not recommended because many users reported that they lost their money, it is not confirmed that the problem is on the website or it was a users mistake.

WalletGenerator allows you to create an Ethereum paper wallet and 197 more coins. The website claims that they are using BitAddress’s code which has been trusted for the last many years. You can find the GitHub link here.

WalletGenerator Website: https://ethereumpaperwallet.net


MyEtherWallet is a very well-known and famous Ethereum wallet. You can create an Ethereum address using MyEtherWallet’s (MEW) mobile app or you can access your wallet using the following methods Browser extension, mobile app, hardware wallets, and keys.

Here in this article, we are going to take MyEtherWallet to learn how to create an Ethereum Paper Wallet. Click here to read how to use MyEtherWallet.

Other Ethereum Paper Wallet

PWall – Pwall allows you to create a paper wallet for more than 518 coins. It is just new for me and didn’t find much info regarding users’ experience. If you can read codes then go through their GitHub here.

EthAddress – EthAddress.org was a very famous paper wallet generator tool in 2014-2017 but it seems the website is gone and has not been active for the last few years.

How To Create An Ethereum Paper Wallet

As of now, only MEW is the best out of the best ETH paper wallets so we are going to check out how to make a paper Ethereum wallet using MEW.

If you are a newbie then follow every step carefully else you may lose your account and money.

Step #1 – Go to the MyEtherWallet website. There are many fake or phishing sites. If you are searching on Google or any search engine then do not click on Ads. Here you go https://www.myetherwallet.com & you can also verify the link by visiting their Twitter page and double-checking for the domain name.

Step #2 – Click on the Create a New Wallet button.

Step #3 – You are now on this page https://www.myetherwallet.com/wallet/create

Step #4 – Scroll down and choose the third option, Software. It gives you a warning as not recommended just ignore that if you don’t have a hardware wallet.

MEW wallet access

Step #5 – Choose the “Keystore File” option.

keystore file mew

Step #6 – Enter your password, and make sure your password is strong and safe. Write down your password on paper for safety. Click on Create Wallet.

Step #7 – Now click on Acknowledge & Download.  This is your Keystore file keep it private and safe. If you lose this then you lose your account.

Step #8 – Done. Now click on Access Wallet.

To check for the private key you have to access the wallet using your Keystore file and then click on the print icon that you can find below MEW’s logo or on the account balance card.

After clicking on the print icon you can either download your Ethereum paper wallet or print it. It includes your public (wallet address) and private key.

How To Access Offline Ethereum Paper Wallet

Want to know how to access MEW offline? You can find an article on cryptocreed.com, I have published a brief article on how to use MEW offline.

Best Offline Ethereum Paper Wallet Generator

The question should be how I can create an Ethereum paper wallet offline. The simple way to create an offline ETH wallet is to download the Ethereum paper wallet generator code from GitHub and turn off the internet. Now open the index.html page in your browser. Move your cursor till the address appears.

Once you created the wallet you can delete the paper wallet generator code and move your private key to a safe place. Now you can turn on your internet.

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