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Dogecoin Paper Wallet Generator: How To Generate DOGE Paper Wallet

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Looking for the best Dogecoin paper wallet generator? Then you are at the right place here you will find the list of all available Doge paper wallets that you can use to generate Dogecoin addresses.

Usually, people choose a Paper wallet to hold a large number of cryptocurrencies. It means holders who keep coins for a long time use paper wallets.

Paper wallets are considered one of the safest ways to store cryptocurrency. But if you are doing daily trading or storing for daily transactions of a small amount then I do not suggest using a paper wallet.

If you want to check out the list of other dogecoin wallets then here you can find an article on the list of the best Dogecoin wallets.

How To Create a Dogecoin Paper Wallet

Before checking out the list of Doge paper wallets let’s learn how to create a paper wallet for Dogecoin. I will take the example of dogecoinpaperwallet.org and my.dogechain.info because I believe these two are the safest ways to create and use paper wallets.

But for security, you should DYOR before using any wallet and highly recommend using this wallet offline.

  • Go to https://dogecoinpaperwallet.com/
  • Read everything from the site. It will help you to increase your knowledge regarding paper wallets.
  • Click on Print Front, it will generate random wallet keys.
  • You can find two options there, “Random-generate new keys” and “Supply my own key or vanity address”.

The “Random-generate new keys” button will generate new addresses every time you hit that button. The “Supply my own key or vanity address” allows you to enter your Private Key and print that.

  • Click on the Print Wallet Front button that is in green. You can either save or print that.
  • Click on the print back section and there you can find the “Print Wallet Back” button in green.

If you have saved the Front and Back on your computer then use the printer to print your paper wallet.

You can do this process offline as well by downloading the code from GitHub.

How To Access Paper Wallet

To redeem the Dogecoin paper wallet you can use any wallet that allows you to import your private key.

The most suitable way is my.dogecoin.info, as you can access your paper wallet with a few clicks and it is easy to use for newbies too.

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To use the import dogecoin paper wallet option visit https://my.dogechain.info and click on Redeem Paper Wallet option. Enter your private key here.

You can send your Dogecoin to any other Doge address.

Or you can use any other Dogecoin wallet to access your wallet like the Dogecoin core wallet.

Best Dogecoin Paper Wallet

There are some well-known dogecoin paper wallet generators that you should try once.


This Dogecoinpaperwallet.com is a paper wallet generator for Dogecoin and the source code was used by many websites. Above in steps I used this wallet to show you a tutorial on how to generate a paper wallet.

You can generate a paper wallet or can check private key details. Can print the way you want to get it printed.

After visiting the website, move your cursor on the screen for 5-10 seconds. After that click on Print Fron to see your wallet details.

Click here to download the code on GitHub.


WalletGenerator.net is another well-known cryptocurrency paper wallet generator but it has many accusations so I would not suggest using them online.

This generator can help you to generate a paper wallet for more than 100 coins. The code is open source which is available here on GitHub. This is one of the oldest dogecoin wallet generator.


Paper wallets are used by big investors, big traders, holders, and any other person who holds a large amount of cryptocurrency. I suggest using a doge paper wallet generator offline. Also, I do not recommend storing all your dogecoins at one place.

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