TrueFlip- World’s Largest blockchain lottery


TRUEFLIP is a transparent blockchain lottery platform. TrueFlip team has already created bitcoin based lottery 6/49 (Powerball*) and soon they launch three more lottery games. TrueFlip provide more chance to win the round than PowerBall.

TrueFlip’s  aim is to provide transparent and world’s largest bitcoin blockchain based online lottery  platform. They have intention of making TrueFlip platform as decentralized platform and also to use decentralized hosting and multiple data centres. Online lottery market is very small in compare to offline market. By adding blockchain technology and crypto coins, online lottery market will be more valuable and secured.

To play the game on TrueFlip, you have to coose any five numbers between 1 and 49 and one number between 1 and 26. In PowerBall users have to guess till 75 numbers which was reduced to 49 in TrueFlip, which means every users have 1.3 times more chance to win. Here you can select your numbers manually or automatically and proceed it to roll. After that TrueFlip’s system will select any sex number balls.

It seems TrueFlip is similar to classic lotteries, but it is not because trueflip is using blockchain technology, which is transparent for every one and can viewved by anyone. Here each ticket price is 0.001 BTC.

Lotteries on TrueFlip start’s at 8pm UTC. The system select the winning numbers through an open-source randomizer. The code of that randomizer is published on Github – so you can check to make sure it’s totally transparent.

TrueFlip roadmap

As the draw process is operated by open-source software it’s impossible to interfering with the game process by anyone or by any team meber. Users can log in their trueflip account from anywhere in world, no need to provide any ID or licence to perform on trueflip. the prize payouts are instant and there is no third parties involvment. All payment sare available on blockchain ledger.

We know that almost all ICO’s launch by promising to develope their project in future. But here in case of TrueFlip it’s totally different, TrueFlip has already developed their product.

TrueFlip ICO

TrueFlip has already successfully completed their Pre-ICO in which they sold 1,050,000 TFL tokens it’s five percent of total amount.

The TrueFlip ICO will takes place on 28th June 2017 and will run for 30 days or untill all the tokens are get sold. At the time of writing TrueFlip has sold 2,951,338 TFL.  The price of per TFL is 0.0005BTC, users can can buy TFL by depositing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. Early investors will get high bonus, bonus start from thirty percent to five percent

TrueFlip ICO

TrueFlip’s Target to sale 6125BTC worth of TFL

There are total 21,000,000 tokens  out of them 70% will sold to srowdsale, 20% to TrueFlip’s team, advisers will get 3% of total  TFL, two percent will get distributed between three investors. 5% will be reserved for bounty participants.

TrueFlip has expereinced team member from all over the world. We can say world at one place, they are united from Russia, Japan, Canada and from other countries. Here, Nikita Parhomenko is COO of TrueFlip, he previously worked as CEO in 7 Pikes Inc. company,pharmaceutical companies. Daniil Andrianov CFO of TrueFlip, he was the head of the innovation
center at the University of Bauman.

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