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In the world of  digitalization Cyber-Security is one of the biggest problem for every business and in individual’s life. Recently whole world faced the ransomware attack, even government websites also got hacked. In cyber world no one can give guarantee of security. But with the blockchain technology  we can prevent  cyber attack, blockchain technology was introduced publicly in 2008 with the world’s first cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Crypviser will use blockchain technology to secure individual’s and business. Crypviser is Blockchain technology based first secured all-in-one network for business and social communication. Crypviser was designed with the aim of providing peek of security for storage and exchange data (voice & video calls, instant chats and group calls and much more.

Services of Crypviser  was introduced for B2B and B2C markets, this services which available only to  biggest organizations, financial institutes, government and secret services. Crypviser works as a bullet proof solution for B2B and B2C markets. Crypviser can prevent man-in-the-middle attack and any interceptions in communication.

CVCoin is a unique crypto-token designed for the new generation of encrypted instant communication networks

CVCoin is a crypto token launched by the Crpviser team for authentication purpose. CVCoin is same like other cryptocoins, it can be used on blockchain transaction and  exchange. To maintain highest level of security within the crypviser network it allows authorization and identification of users public encryption keys. CVCoin can be  used in any services of crypviser, it can be used for buying ethereum or bitcoin or any other cryptocoin. CVCoin care transaferable between Crypviser users by integrated money exchange system CVPay. You can buy CVCoin from Crypviser ICO  1CVCoin is  worth of 0.99 EUR.


Crypviser CVCoin ICO was already launched on 20 May  2017 and run till 30 June 2017. Till now Crpviser ICO has raised $2,263,346. During the ICO, Crypviser distribute total 15M CVCoins. The total amount which will raised  during the ICO will be used in following manner, 55% for mobile development,15% for backend development, 10% infrastructure, 7% licensing fees, 5% operational costs, 5% marketing  and  three percent for  legal sevices.

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