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Octanox Review

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Octanox is a decentralized cryptocurrency with an x11 algorithm


Octanox is a new decentralized crypto coin or virtual economy. Nowadays we can see there was a rapid increment in a decentralized economy. Also, many new crypto coins are in the market which has no use or launched with the ideal headed idea, which has no use and no future.

Octanox is a low transaction cost payment system, secure, innovative, and decentralized. It is a coin with x11 algorithm and using POW and POS systems that are focused on multiple platforms that would be used for virtual economy and virtual activities. Decentralized octanox can prevent any issue to octanox and it makes an easy and secure way to make transactions online. The source code in Octanox is publically available it means anyone can see it.

Octanox is a solution to a growing problem.

“The payment solution network is built using the cutting edge cryptocurrency technologies”. The octanox highly skilled development team tried to provide faster transactions and hybrid proof of work/POS by using less energy than Bitcoin. This makes Octanox more environmentally friendly and can avoid buying any expensive machines for mining the Octanox. Octanox was founded in April 2017, which may be the electronic currency of the future, and may it will solve the many problems associated with regular currencies.

Octanox roadmap

We know that there are many failed coins in the crypto market or we can say most of the new coins get failed, some are failed on their launch or some are after a few days. But here Octanox is different from other coins because it is supportive of many other platforms. Integrating the coins into different fields is a very complicated process and multiple platform currencies are indeed a rare sight.

Octanox has launched successfully its own web wallet with some smart features. It was easy to use and easy to send and receive coin OTX coins. Octanox ticker is OTX. The wallet will available with two-factor authentication and ample precautions will be taken to stops hackers. Also, wallets will available for android and iOS users soon.

Octanox will provide a better platform to trade or exchange your OTX coins, and the name is Octanex, It is a decentralized exchange that is similar to other exchanges. Also, the team of Octanex is planned to launch its own forum. It will be similar to bitcoin talk, where everyone can discuss, share their ideas, news related octanex, and other cryptos and marketplace. The name of that forum is an OcTalk.



Livecoin: OTX/BTC

Contact Links

Website: https://octanox.org/

BitcoinTalk: Click Here

Whitepaper: https://octanox.org/whitepaper.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OctanoxPlatform/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OctanoxPlatform/

Wallet: https://app.octanox.org/login.php


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