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5 Best Kaspa Mining Pool To Mine KAS Coin In 2024

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Kaspa coin was launched in June 2022 and currently, it is in the top 250 coins according to coinmarketcap. It is a new coin that has currently a market cap of $232,034,449 and the price of the Kaspa coin is $0.01365.

If you are going to mine a Kaspa coin then this article will help you in finding the best Kaspa mining pool. Kaspa is new but several available pools are showing the adoption of the coin is growing rapidly.

Let’s check out what is Kaspa first and then see

What is Kaspa Coin?

The project Kaspa claims to be the most scalable and fastest confirming any transaction layer ever built on the concept of proof-of-work. The transactions are moving within a moment in the on-chain ledger which they called a blockDAG structure.

The coin is built on the GhostDAG and PHANTOM protocol a scalable generalization of Bitcoin Consensus.

The Kaspa’s current mainnet handles one block per second which is quite profitable for miners. The team aims to increase the number of blocks created per second substantially to attract developers who are interested in smart contracts development and Defi.

5 Best Kaspa Mining Pool

To mine KAS coins you need to choose the best mining pool and here we will help you to achieve that. Below is the list of the 5 most suitable and proven KAS mining pools or Kaspa pool.

Update: HiveOn Has Added Kaspa in Their Mining Pool

K1Pool – Dedicated Kaspa Mining Pool

K1Pool is one of the highly recommended KAS mining pools that don’t allow you to mine KAS in the pool but it also allows you to mine Solo. K1Pool allows you to mine different coins including Kaspa, Ethereum, Callisto, Ravencoin, Neoxa, Komodo, Bitcoin Gold, Flux, Ergo, and Firo.

The K1Pool has an auto-switching feature, if you think the market is not stable and it is good to depend on more than one coin in mining then you can use this feature to move from one coin to another.

There are more than 880 miners active on the pool with current luck of 86%. The pool hash rate is 6.56 TH/s while the network difficulty is 460.85 T.

The block reward is 261 KAS which equals $3.59

Top features of K1Pool:

  • Auto-Switch
  • Only 1 wallet for all coins
  • Edit payout wallet anytime
  • Anonymous ports are available
  • Servers are in Europe, USA, & China
  • PPLNS & SOLO methods
  • Multilanguage
  • Developers’ APIs are available
  • 2FA Authentication
  • Telegram & Discord support

Fee: 1%

Minimum Payout: 100 KAS

If you are planning to mine ETC or BTC coins then you can use ViaBTC or HiveOn.

ViaBTC- Kaspa Mining Pools

ViaBTC now supports Kaspa coin mining which is good for the coin itself. They support two payment methods for KAS coin which are PPLNS and Solo.

ViaBTC is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies initially Bitcoin mining pool service providers later they involved in many more categories.

With them, you can mine almost 11 known cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Kaspa, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum Classic, and more.

Fee: 1%

Minimum Payout: 100 KAS


Kryptex is a crypto mining platform where you can different mining-related products like miners, OS, pools, and renting GPU. You can also mine coins on your simple desktop by just downloading their software.

You can mine coins like Kaspa, Ethereum Classic, EthW, Raven, Ergo, UBQ, and XMR.

This Kaspa mining pool is a bit new (not a platform), Kryptex started supporting the KAS coin last month. Currently, there are more than 180 miners with 3692 workers. They have a maximum payout good which is 500K.

Fee: 1%

Minimum Payout: 100 KAS

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Kaspa-Pool was launched by community members to support the Kaspa coin. Currently, there are more than 850 active miners with 2833 workers.

It offers you Telegram monitoring which means you can monitor your mining stats through the Telegram bot or can download the MinerBox app which is available for both iOS and Android.

The payout systems or methods are PPLNS and Solo. You can find support on their Telegram or Discord channel.

Fee: 0.75%

Minimum Payout: 100 KAS


WoolyPooly supports more than 15 coins including ETC, Kaspa, Firo, Aeternity, EthW, Raven, CFX, etc. You can mine Kaspa in Pool or in Solo.

They have partnered with CoinEx to allow their users to withdraw their mined coin directly to the CoinEx exchange where you can trade, convert, or withdraw to your bank without any KYC.

As of now, there are more than 59K active workers who are mining KAS at a hash rate of 164.41 TH/s. The network hash rate is 473.75 TH/s and the network difficulty is 111K.

Website: https://woolypooly.com/en/coin/kas

Fee: 0.90%

Minimum Payout: 100 KAS


With Hashpool you can mine multiple coins including Kas, Meer, KDA, RXD, DGB, CKB, NXS, HNS, etc. Hashpool has more than 500 miners who are mining KAS coins.

They are partnered with Kaspa, Digibyte, Meer, and Freecash. Their official website is https://hashpool.com/coins/KAS.

Fee: 0.50%

Minimum Payout: 100 KAS

Frequently Asked Question

Is Kaspa GPU minable?

Yes, you can mine KAS coin in any supported hardware like NVIDIA and AMD.

Which miner for Kaspa?

Kaspa supports multiple miners for example Lol Miner, BZMiner, SRBMiner, Team Red Miner, KASPAMiner, and GMiner.

What is the hash rate of Kaspa?

The current hash rate is 471.5 TH/s with a market cap of $237.2 million and per block reward is 261.63 KAS

How to purchase Kaspa?

Kaspa is listed on two major cryptocurrency exchanges you can purchase KAS coins from there. MEXC and CoinEx exchange support it.

Best kaspa pools for solo mining?

All of the above KAS mining pools allow you to mine KASPA coin in SOLO but if you ask me then I would suggest going with ViaBTC.

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