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AI Power Grid Mining Pool: List Of Best AIPowerGrid Pools To Mine AIPG

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AIPG mining pool

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AIPG or AI Power Grid is a new coin that is available to mine on some of the major crypto mining pools that is the reason why more and more miners are getting attracted towards this coin.

AIPG coin is not a big coin but it can become and that’s why one should go and choose such new coins which can become popular in the next few years.

Always do your research before choosing any coin to mine any coin. We are here to share the list of the best AIPG mining pools that can help you mine AIPG coins.

But before checking the best AIPowerGrid mining pools let’s understand what is Aipowergrid. The Algorithm they use is KAWPOW.

What is APIG or AI Power Grid?

APIG is a blockchain that uses blockchain with AI based on Proof Of Useful Work (POUW).  It is a paradigm shift in the world of blockchain and crypto, it is designed to address the sustainability concerns of PoW.

PoW asks miners to use high amounts of computational power to mine blocks, which uses lots of energy, whereas POUW redirects this computational capacity towards meaningful AI tasks.

POUW incentivizes node operators to provide inference on LLM and host AI art model generation via technology like Stable Diffusion.

5 Best APIG Mining Pool

To mine APIG coins you need to choose the best AIPOWERGRID mining pool and here we will help you to achieve that. Below is the list of the most suitable, stable, trusted,  and highly active APIG mining pools to mine APIG.


k1pool Logo

K1Pool is a new mining pool or a platform that occupies users with their different features or products, a mining pool is one of them. You can find all major coins listed here like AIPG, Clore, Kaspa, Callisto, Ravencoin, Neoxa, Komodo, Bitcoin Gold, Flux, Ergo, and Firo.

You can do dual mining with K1Pool, mine AIPG get ZIL for free.

Their feature like Auto Switching will help you to go from one algo to another, and mine profitable coins in that algo.

There are more than 2300 Pool miners and more than 30 SOLO miners. While K1Pool covers a network hash rate of more than 2.2 TH/s.

The servers are available from regions like Europe, the USA, and China.

  • Fee: 1% (SOLO & PPLNS)
  • Minimum Payout: 5 AIPG


AIPG has an official mining pool where you can mine AIPG coins in SOLO or PPLNS methods. Most of the miners who are using this mining pool are PPLNS miners but SOLO miners are generating more hash rates around 662 GH/s while the PPLNS pool is generating 18.5 GH/s.

You will like them because they don’t charge any fee but still most miners choose the most known mining pools instead of using new pools.

  • Fee: 0% (SOLO & PPLNS)
  • Minimum Payout: 0.1 AIPG
  • Website: https://pool.aipowergrid.io


Don’t get confused with the name, it is not only a Ravencoin mining pool, here you can mine coins like Ravencoin, Zephyr, and AIPG.

You can mine with different methods like PPLNS, PPS+, and Solo mining. Payouts are sent every 3 hours.

There are more than 140 miners with 335+ workers who are covering more than 51 GH/s of the total network hash rate.

  • Fee: 0% PPLNS, 0.5% SOLO, and 1% PPS+
  • Minimum Payout: 0.5 AIPG
  • Website: https://www.ravenminer.com/aipowergrid

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Mining-Dutch is a Netherland-based multi-coin mining pool where you can find all types of coins. Here you can find more than 30 coins and possibly all new coins will be seen here. You can find almost all new coins here.

You can start mining and get updates or notifications for Idle miners, Logins, payouts, blocks found, and earning reports.

More than 300 workers are mining with different reward systems D-PPS, PPLNS, and SOLO. They cover 265 GH/s of the total network hash rate.

  • Fee: 1% for D-PPS, PROP, & SOLO
  • Minimum Payout: 0.5 AIPG


HeroMiners recently added AIPowerGrid (AIPG) to their pool, on 27th Dec. Within a few days more than 7350 miners joined the coin to mine AIPG on herominers.

You can mine the PROP payment method or in SOLO mining. HeroMiners has almost 40% of the total network hash rate.

You can find the AIPG mining pool page here https://aipg.herominers.com.

  • Fee: 1%  PROP & SOLO
  • Minimum Payout: 0.5 AIPG

AIPG Mining Calculator or AI Power Grid Mining Calculator

AI Power Grid mining calculator

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