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Karlsen Mining Pools: 5 Best Mining Pools To Mine KLS Coin

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Karlsen Mining Pools

Last Updated on January 3, 2024 by cryptocreed

Karlsen is a new coin and it is trying to make their place in this crypto market. Miners know how much profitable it is to mine new coins.

The Karlesn coin is not listed on big exchanges and its volume is low hence we believe that mining this coin might generate good profit for long holders.

KLS project might be different but their wallet is similar to Kaspa, they claim that they are inspired by Kaspa on their website and fork of Kaspa but having everything similar to Kaspa shows that they are putting less effort, which is not good for a project.

Before checking out the list of best Karlsen mining pools let’s understand what is Karlsen platform.

What Is Karlsen?

Karlsen project is based on the Kaspa blockchain and claimed to be the world’s swiftest, most open-source, decentralized, and fully scalable Layer 1 solutions. It is GPU centric fork that helps small-scale miners instead of ASIC mining farms.

Karlsen has the fastest transaction time, 1 block founded every second with the lowest fees. The algorithm they support is Karlsenhash.

The block reward is 50 coins with a difficulty of 87.6K. The current KLS network hash rate is 382 TH/s.

Where To Buy Karlsen? Buy KLS Coin

Karlsen is currently trading on only a few exchanges, the following are the supported exchanges.

While writing this article the price per Karlsen coin is $0.048.

Best Karlsen Mining Pools

Let’s check out the best KLS mining pools to mine Karlsen coins in 2024.


K1Pool allows you to mine KLS coins with dual mining support, other coins dual mining supported are ZIL, ETC, ETHW, & ERGO. You can mine in SOLO or pool.

They support different coins including KLS, Kaspa, Ethereum, Callisto, Ravencoin, Neoxa, Komodo, Bitcoin Gold, Flux, Ergo, and Firo.

The K1Pool has an auto-switching feature, if you think the market is not stable and it is good to depend on more than one coin in mining then you can use this feature to move from one coin to another.

There are more than 2150 miners active on the pool with current luck of 162%. The pool hash rate is 27.25 TH/s while the network difficulty is 363 T.

The payout sent is with you when you reach the minimum threshold of 20 KLS. They have servers in Europe, the USA, and China

Top features of K1Pool:

  • Auto-Switch
  • Only 1 wallet for all coins
  • Edit payout wallet anytime
  • Anonymous ports are available
  • Servers are in Europe, USA, & China
  • PPLNS & SOLO methods
  • Multilanguage
  • Developers’ APIs are available
  • 2FA Authentication
  • Telegram & Discord support

Fee: 1%

Minimum Payout: 20

If you are planning to mine ETC or BTC coins then you can use ViaBTC or HiveOn.


Kryptex is a crypto mining platform where you can different mining-related products like miners, OS, pools, and renting GPU. You can also mine coins on your simple desktop by just downloading their software.

They support different coins like Karlsen, Kaspa, Ethereum Classic, EthW, Raven, Ergo, UBQ, and XMR.

There are 233 miners with more than 420 workers. The minimum payout is just 10 KLS. They have a maximum payout as well which is 500K KLS.

The minimum payout method is PPLNS.

Fee: 1%

Minimum Payout: 10 KLS

Baikal Mine

Baikal offers miners to mine KLS coins in the PPLNS & SOLO pool. They support KLS, ETC, Kas, Dnx, Hyp, Nyc, PYI, and DogEther.

More than 920 miners are mining KLS coins in the PPLNS method and there are more than 80 SOLO miners. You can download their suggested mining Software like Karlsen Miner, HiveOS, RaveOS, and OS Dog.

The current pool hash rate is 11.9 TH/s. They have a minimum payout of 100 KLS by default but you can customize it to 10 KLS from the setting.

You can visit the office website here https://baikalmine.com/pools/pplns/kls/home.

Fee: 1% SOLO and 0.50% PPLNS

Minimum Payout: 10 KLS


It is a new and less active mining pool for KLS coins. But it is recommended because they have fewer fees and high uptime. Also, other mining pools are already grabbing more than 50% of the total pool hash rate which is bad for coins.

They have only 25 active miners who are covering more than 650 GH/s hash rate. The minimum withdrawal is just 1 KLS. They send payment every hour.

Visit the link to access the official website https://karlsen.xpoolminer.com/.

Fee: 0.50 % for both Pool and SOLO

Minimum Payout: 1 KLS


WoolyPooly is a United States-based multi-coin-supported mining pool that was launched in November 2019. It aims to offer a mining pool of new and established coins to crypto miners.

WoolyPooly is also compatible with the CoinEx exchange which helps miners to trade mined coins without any KYC.

There are more than 12300 miners online. They have hash a rate of 60 TH/s.

Fee: 0.90% for PPLNS and SOLO

Minimum Payout: 25 KLS


HeroMiners is one of the biggest KLS mining pools with more than 70% of the total network hash rate. It has a hash rate of more than 197 TH/s. There are more than 14K online miners with more than 40K workers.

They have servers in different regions like Europe, America, Asia, and Oceania. The payment is sent every hour with a minimum payout of 10 KLS.

Fee: 0.90% for PPLNS and SOLO

Minimum Payout: 10 KLS

Supported Softwares

Karlsenhash is supported by the following mining software which are best miner for Karlsen.

  • Lol Miner
  • Gminer
  • SRB Miner
  • BZMiner
  • Rigel Miner

Karlsen Links

  • Twitter
  • Website:- https://karlsencoin.com/
  • Explorer:- https://explorer.karlsencoin.com/
  • Telegram:- https://t.me/KarlsenNetwork
  • Reddit:- https://reddit.com/r/KarlsenNetwork

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