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5 Best Kaspa Wallet: Store Your KAS Coin Securely

by cryptocreed
Best Kaspa wallet

Last Updated on April 4, 2024 by cryptocreed

Looking for a wallet to store your Kaspa coin?

Ohh what I am asking, definitely you are here to find out which is the best Kaspa wallet to store KAS safely.

You might know why bKaspa become one of the popular coins in the crypto industry, for me one of the main reasons is Ethereum. Ethereum went out from the PoW pool and Kaspa made an entry in it with the support of the community.

According to their website, Kaspa is one of the fastest transacting networks, it is open source, decentralized of course, and fully scalable Layer1. It is also the world’s first BlockDAG supported.

You can find more information about them on their official website (https://kaspa.org) or CoinMarketCap (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/kaspa/) but to find out the list of Best Kaspa Wallet you need to stay with us.

5 Best Kaspa Wallet

As Kaspa is a new project and their coin KAS has been trading for almost the last year it is hard to find many wallets supporting Kaspa but yeah there are still a few trusted and secure wallets that you can use to store your KAS coin.

If you are holding a big amount of Kaspa I would suggest going with the OneKey hardware wallet. It is a safe and easy-to-use wallet.

Wallet.KaspaNet.io (Web Wallet)

Kaspanet is a web wallet that can work for both mobile and the web. It is an official Kaspa wallet.

When we say web wallet then it means that you can use the wallet in the browser and most probably you are running the browser on a desktop instead of a mobile.

To create a wallet on KaspaNet, visit their website from here “https://wallet.kaspanet.io”.

kaspanet wallet

Now click on the New Wallet button.

On the next page, it will ask you to enter your password.

After submitting the password it will show you your 12-word seed phrase, copy and save them in a safe place. You will need them in the next step.

After clicking on the Next button it will ask you to enter some random words from your seed phrase.

After this, you have successfully created your account.

Now log into your account by just visiting the home page and clicking on the login button.

KDX – Full Node Wallet

Looking for the official full-node wallet of Kaspa? Then KDX is there for you. The files are not big yet as Kaspa is new and the team is trying to make it simpler and easier for everyone.

Kaspa is organized in DAG which stands for Directed Acyclic Graph blocks it is also known as BlockDAG. Kaspa merges all blocks into one blockDAG by allowing them to reference multiple parents.

The current release version is 2.12.3.

Website: https://kdx.app/#home

Kaspa Paper Wallet

Paper wallets are the best alternative to hardware wallets. If you are a holder and want to hold your coins then paper wallets are for you.

Hold and forget. Best Kaspa wallet for HODLERS.

There is an official guide and code on how to create a Kaspa wallet using a paper wallet. We have published an article on how to create a Kaspa paper wallet.

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Kaspa Hardware Wallet

In early 2023 two trusted hardware wallet companies started allowing their users to store Kaspa in their hardware wallets.

Tangem and OneKey are two major crypto hardware wallets where KAS can be stored.

Tangem wallet will cost you around $43 for two cards so I do not suggest it for newbies instead you can go with OneKey they have a hardware wallet available at $58.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can use the Kaspa wallet in Metamask?

No, unfortunately, you can’t use Kaspa in Metamask.

Does Kaspa have an official Android-based wallet app?

As of now, while making my research I didn’t find any official or supported Android-based Kaspa wallet for Android.

What is the best Kaspa wallet for mining?

Paper wallets and Full node wallets are best for Kaspa mining. Check out the list of Kaspa mining pools.

Best kaspa wallet explorer?

Kaspa has an official blockchain explorer which is quite easy to use: https://explorer.kaspa.org.

What is the official website of Kaspa?

https://kaspa.org/ is the official domain and website.

What is the best Kaspa faucet?

Kaspa has an official wallet that will allow you to earn 0.009 KAS free daily, https://faucet.kaspanet.io.

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