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Best Kaspa Paper Wallet: How To Generate KAS Paper Wallet

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Kaspa paper wallet

Last Updated on August 13, 2023 by cryptocreed

Since Ethereum migrated to PoS the number of PoW coins in the market got a chance to make their places. Kaspa is one of the new coins in the market that is growing slowly.

It is not making noise with its marketing strategy but it is making its place by making development progress.

Kaspa coin KAS is ranking in the top 200 coins within a few months of launch, currently, they have a market cap that is $908,615,250.

If you see the chart of the Kaspa coin, you will find that it is growing slowly but all other coins are getting down.

If you are holding Kaspa or planning to hold Kaspa coin for the long term then hardware wallets and paper wallets are highly recommended. As of now, no hardware wallets do support KAS coin hence you have to go with Kaspa Paper Wallet.

Where I Can Buy Kaspa Coin?

Kas coin is growing slowly and they are getting launched or listed on some major exchanges. For now, you can buy KAS coins from top exchanges like Kucoin, CoinEx, MEXC, Gate.io, TxBit, and BitGet.

Best Kaspa Paper Wallet

There is only one Kaspa paper wallet that is officially supported or made by the Kaspa team, in simple word the team published the guide on how to create your own Kaspa paper wallet.

Let’s check out how you can create a Kaspa paper wallet using their code.

First visit their wiki page that contains the code of paper wallet and guide as well.

Here is the link: https://wiki.kaspa.org/en/wallet

Scroll down and reach the Paper wallet part. Read it out and check links, make sure to cross-check links and only support official links.

Now open the GitHub page of Kaspa paper wallet “https://github.com/svarogg/kaspaper”.

If you are a person with technical knowledge then there is an open pond to swim but if you are a simple holder then simply check file “template.html” copy the code and run it on your pc online.

You can download this file and run it on your browser to generate a KAS paper wallet.

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