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Best Hathor Pool: List Of Profitable HTR Mining Pools

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Hathor is quite a new PoW coin that you can mine using your mining hardware. If you are planning to mine Hathor coin then you need to have the best Hathor mining pool.

As the coin is new there are a very limited number of mining pools that you can use to mine Hathor coins.

Before checking out the list of the best Hathor pool let’s check out what is Hathor first and then we will see the list of mining pools.

What Is Hathor?

Hathor was first introduced on the Bitcointalk forum by user msbrogli. It was introduced in 2019 and officially launched blockchain in January 2020.

Hathor announcement says that it is a natural evolution of the Bitcoin blockchain while other blockchains arrange transactions in a Merkle Tree inside the blocks Hathor arranges all transactions in a DAG.

It makes the blocks lightweight and quite faster to sync in the P2P network. The blockchain can scale thousands of transactions per second.

They have their own coin called HTR.

You can visit their announcement thread for more information.

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Where I Can Buy Hathor (HTR)?

Hathor is trading on some major exchanges. They have a market cap of $12 million and the last 24-hour volume was around 400K USD.

The time high was $2.48 and the all-time low was in 2023 at $0.0358, The current rate per HTR is $0.049.

HTR is trading on the following exchanges, Kucoin, CoinEx, Ascendex, Gate.io, etc.

List Of Hathor Mining Pools

As of now, there are only a few pools that support Hathor mining, you can also do dual mining with Bitcoin if you know how to do it.


Zulupool supports more than 10 coins including Hathor, Bitcoin, BSV, Digibyte, etc. The pool is written in C++ and stands as a source of immense pride.

The pool covers a hash rate of 102.413 PH/s with 9 miners and 35 workers. Zulupool has its own discord channel that helps miners get in touch for any issues.

Website:- https://beta.zulupool.com


AccPool is quite inactive, you can mine using the pool but the profitability will be very low as there are no miners mining using this pool.

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