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Best Monacoin Pool: List Of Profitable MONA Mining Pools

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Planning to mine one of the oldest PoW coins? Monacoin was first introduced in late 2013 but it was launched in 2014. it is also claimed to be one of the first cryptocurrencies developed in Japan.

The coin is quite old but the number of available mining pools is less hence we decided to bring the most active mining pool that can be used to mine MONA coin.

If you are searching for Monacoin pools then your search is over here because we did that for you. But before checking the list of the best Monacoin mining pools let’s check out what is Monacoin.

What Is Monacoin?

Monacoin is a coin that was built based on the popular ASCII art character Mona. You can check what actually Mona is by visiting the link here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shift_JIS_art#/media/File:Mona01.svg).

The Monacoin was not developed for a payment system and it is not even controlled by one single entity.

Monacoin users have brought up various kinds of Monacoin-based applications and different services that shrine monacoin through playing word games when tipping others.

Monacoin was built on an algorithm called Lyra2RE (V2), also it is also based on the Litecoin hard fork. Miners can mine 25 coins for every 90 blocks processed and the average block-finding time is 1.5 minutes.

The project also got featured on the popular TV Network WBS TV Network Tokyo.

Where I Can Buy Monacoin (MONA)?

Monacoin has a coin with the ticker name MONA which you can find one different exchange, around more than 10 exchanges supporting it.

Supporting exchanges are Probit, Bittrex, CoinEx, and more.

List Of Best MonaCoin Mining Pool

Following are the best MONA mining pools and we added each of them after comparing their credibility, fees, number of miners, activeness, etc.

While writing this article I found that the last last block was found 16 hours ago.


Mining-Dutch is a Netherland-based multi-coin mining pool where you can find all types of coins. Here you can find more than 30 coins and possibly all new coins will be seen here. You can find almost all new coins here.

There are around only 10 workers mining with different reward systems D-PPS, PPLNS, and SOLO. The total pool hash rate is 70 GH/s.

Fee: 1%

Minimum Payout: 1 MONA

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Other Monacoin Mining Pools

  • VIPPool:- Japan-based mining pool available in the Japanese language only.
  • ZPool:- You can start mining MONA coins without registering on the platform.
  • Zergpool:- You can choose to mine the coin.

There are many more Monacoin Pool that you can use to mine the coin if you want to.

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