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Lolminer Review: How To Avoid Scammers, Set up Guide, Commands

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on January 2, 2023 by cryptocreed

Looking for information on how to use Lolminer, what are their specification, official websites & announcements, and every possible detail related to Lolminer? Then you are at the right place.

In this article or you can call tutorial you will get to know how to set up your mining equipment with lolminer software to mine different cryptocurrencies on different mining pools.

Let’s dig more.

What Is LolMiner?

Lolminer is an AMD GPU-preferred cryptocurrency miner software that supports both Windows and Linux systems. While allowing miners to mine multi-algorithms those are Ethash / Equihash / Beam & Grin.

NVIDIA miners can also use Lolminer.

LolMiner was released on 22nd October 2018 on the BitcoinTalk forum by user Lolliedieb. It has quite popular among miners, the announcement thread has more positive comments hence it is quite obvious to count them in the legit part.

LolMiner Is Safe Or Not?

Lolminer safe? LolMiner is safe without any doubt. They are active since 2018 and no one raised any issue with their software. You might get find problems if you don’t download it from official sources.

There are multiple websites on Google that claims to be the official website of LolMiner but it seems all of them are fake because there is no mention of their website in their announcement thread.

They are open source so you can find their code on Github, click here to find them on LolMiner GitHub.

Download LolMiner Software

To start anything you need to download their software first which you can do by visiting this link or this oneChoose the correct file according to your OS for Linux download “lolMiner_v1.49_Lin64.tar.gz” and for Windows download

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Official Website & Links

This is where most of the newbies get scammed. Scammers do create fake websites and channels to get access to your computer so they can steal your PK and money.

As per the official announcement, there is no official website, if you find any website on google claiming to be an official Lolminer then it is a scam, phishing, or spam. Just do not open it and move on.

Following are their official links;

Telegram: https://t.me/lolMiner (2581 members)

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/qRdsByZjaY (642 members)

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/lolMinerSupport (612 subscribers)

Official Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4724735.0

Supported Algorithms and Fees

Following are the latest list of supported lolminer algorithm with their dev lolminer fee.

Algorithm Lolminer Fee %
Autolykos V2 1.5
BeamHash III 1.0
Cuckoo 29 2.0
CuckarooD 29 2.0
CuckarooM 29 2.0
Cuckaroo 30 CTXC 2.5
Cuckatoo 31 2.0
Cuckatoo 32 2.0
Cuckaroo 29-32 1.0
Cuckaroo 29-40 1.0
Equihash 144/5 1.0
Equihash 192/7 1.0
Equihash 210/9 1.0
Etchash 0.7 – Only 1.0 LHR
Ethash 0.7 – Only 1.0 LHR
ZelHash 1.0

LolMiner Commands

It is very important to specify the command in which you have to add your wallet address, algorithm, and username. Following are some examples.

./lolMiner -coin=ZEL -pool=zel-eu2.coinblockers.com -port=4446 -user=YourWallet.YourRig1

–coin: enter the name of the coin you want to mine for example ETH

–pool: You have to put the mining pool address, you can use Binance Mining Pool for example,

--pool ethash.poolbinance.com:8888

–port: You have to put your mining pool port, for example, ‘8888’.

–user: You have to put your wallet address and the name of your worker. These values must be separated by a dot, for example, ‘wallet_address.set_username’.

–pass (optional): Mining pool password. By default, the value is ‘x’.

After entering your command details it will look like this,

lolMiner.exe –algo ETHASH --pool ethash.poolbinance.com:8888–user walletaddress.worker_name - x

Is Lolminer Safe?

Lolminer is one of the oldest miner software which is widely used by miners. No doubt it is also one of the safest mining software in the industry you can choose to use.

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