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Clore Mining Pools: Avoid Using Scam Mining Pools

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Clore Mining pools

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Clore is a brand new coin in the crypto market that is grabbing miners’ attention. It is also currently trading on one of the biggest crypto exchanges Gate.io.

Clore has been listed on Coinmarketcap since June 2023 but the project is launched in 2022. This is a new project and coin which attracts more miners as it is currently easy to mine.

No one wants to miss the opportunities hence if you are also interested in mining Clore then you need the list of the best Clore mining pools.

What Is Clore.ai?

Clore.ai is a bit unique platform that connects individuals and businesses seeking to utilize high-performance GPU for various tasks, such as artificial intelligence training, video rendering, and crypto mining.

It helps to provide use cases like High-end GPUs, AI Training, and Movie Render. It also offers a marketplace where you can rent servers.

CLORE is a native coin of the platform built on the Proof Of Work (PoW) blockchain based on the KawPow algorithm. The coin was launched in 2022 with no pre-mine, no ICO, or master node

They are a registered company in the Czech Republic with headquartered.

5 Best Clore Mining Pool

To mine CLORE coins you need to choose the best mining pool and here we will help you to achieve that. Below is the list of the 5 most suitable and proven CLORE mining pools or CLORE pools.


K1Pool is a new mining pool or a platform that occupies users with their different features or products, a mining pool is one of them. You can find all major coins listed here like Clore, Kaspa, EthereumP, Callisto, Ravencoin, Neoxa, Komodo, Bitcoin Gold, Flux, Ergo, and Firo.

You can do dual mining with K1Pool, mine CLORE get ZIL for free.

They claim to offer a 100% clean and working pool with a special setup for NiceHash buyers. Their feature like Auto Switching will help you to go from one algo to another, and mine profitable coins in that algo.

They have more than 810 active Clore Miners. While K1Pool covers more than a network hash rate of more than 240 GH/s.

The servers are available from regions like Europe, the USA, and China.

  • Fee: 1% (SOLO & PPLNS)
  • Minimum Payout: 20 CLORE

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Kryptex is a crypto mining platform where you can different mining-related products like miners, OS, pools, and renting GPU. You can also mine coins on your simple desktop by just downloading their software.

They support different coins like Clore,  Karlsen, Kaspa, Ethereum Classic, EthW, Raven, Ergo, UBQ, and XMR.

They have very small numbers of active miners around 30 miners with more than 300 workers. There is a maximum payout limit as well of 100K CLORE.

The current pool hash rate is 11.87 GH/s.

  • Fee: 1%  PROP
  • Minimum Payout: 5 CLORE


Vipor has more than 1088 miners with a total hash rate of 333.31 GH/s. Already more than 8.1 Clore coins are mined in the Vipor pool which is worth more than $971K

Vipor supports payment methods like PPLNS and SOLO. The minimum payout is 1 Clore with the lowest mining platform fee is 0.9%.

  • Fee: 0.9% PPLNS & SOLO
  • Minimum Payout: 1 CLORE


Mining4People is one of those mining pools that claim to be a zero-fee-taking mining pool. But still, it is not used by most of the miners because of some reasons like it is new, it is not user-friendly, and instructions are not simple to understand.

They have a total pool hashrate of 10.47 GH/s which is produced by more than 55 miners & 96 workers. Servers are located in India, USA, Singapore, Australia, Finland, Germany, and Brazil.

  • Fee: 0% PPLNS
  • Minimum Payout: 1 CLORE


2Miners has been there since 2017 and started with a few coins later they started supporting other major coins currently they support more than 20 coins which you can mine with your own ASIC, GPU, and CPUs.

The mining pool allows you to mine CLORE coins and get paid in Bitcoin. Here you can find all major cryptocurrencies like CLORE, RVN, KASPA, Bitcoin, and more.

Currently, there are more than 812 miners. 2Miners covers more than 226 GH/s of the total pool hash rate in the PPLNS method and 11.31 GH/s by SOLO miners. You can find their servers in Europe, USA, and Asia.

  • Fee: 1% PPLNS
  • Minimum Payout: 10 CLORE

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