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Livecoin Exchange Review: Legit Cryptocurrency Exchange or a Scam? [2023]

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on October 21, 2023 by cryptocreed

Important Update: Livecoin Exchange Is hacked and the team has no control over their website. (We already warned users, they are not safe)

Livecoin is an exchange for bitcoin and Litecoin only when they started but now Livecoin has turned into a gateway to the crypto-market. Livecoin prides itself on the highly functional and customizable interface, with different levels of sophistication suitable for all. So let’s start our Livecoin review.

Now, Livecoin is the 4th largest altcoin exchange in the community of cryptocurrency by adding new features and improving them.

Livecoin is introduced new languages for the betterment of international traders. It includes English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, French, and Bahasa(Indonesia).

The Livecoin reduced the minimum order amount to 0.0001 BTC for all cryptocurrencies. Livecoin is abiding by its commitment to making it easy for the traders, irrespective of their experience levels to indulge in cryptocurrency trading activity, with its latest changes and improvements.

Livecoin is constantly adding new cryptocurrencies. It has recently included Iconomi, Spectracoin, and BitConnect.Even they are adding more in a few days.

At present Livecoin have lists of 85 Different altcoins. Livecoin also offers free Debit Vard to its traders for swift cash withdrawals.

Livecoin Registration and Login

The registration is very easy and fast, the same as the login process. First of all, go on this page, then click on sign up. Add your information and click on the register. After that you will get a confirmation link, go to email and click on the confirmation link.

LiveCoin KYC

No, you don’t need to complete KYC to use this exchange.

Let’s talk about their features

Livecoin Security

There are two security levels one is Basic and the second is Advance. In basic, you can add PIN-code (payment code), and an additional code (which is sent to your e-mail) is required to confirm transactions. Changing the security settings (password, e-mail, IP white list) should be confirmed with a code that is sent to your e-mail.

In advance security, you can add Google’s 2FA security code. Google 2-FA is used for login, confirmation of transactions, and for changes in the security settings.

Encrypted Username

On most of the exchanges, your username is open and easy to read but on Livecoin your username is encrypted with random numbers.

Security Code

Do you feel that your account is compromised? Use a security code to block yours immediately. You can find your security code on the security page under your profile.

Session Length

Session length refers to the time until you want to stay online. After the selected time you will be automatically logged out.

Recent Login

You can check all recent logins done to your account. In this, you can find IP addresses and dates through which logging was done. Livecoin Exchange Review.

Livecoin Referral Program

On Livecoin exchange you can refer your friends or anyone and can earn up to 50% of their trade fee. You can find the livecoin referral code on your profile page.

There are three referral reward plans you can choose any. If you are referring to some random person and you don’t know how he will use this exchange then choose 1st one.

But if you are referring to someone who is planning to do an instant exchange with a big amount then choose 50%.

Referral Output Calculation

Example 1: Supposing the total value of your referral’s executed transactions in one month reached USD $95,000. You selected a 50% referral reward plan. If the fee’s rate for your referral’s transactions account is 0.16%, which is USD $152.00, then you get USD $76.00 as a referral reward.
Example 2: Now suppose that your referral’s executed transactions amounted to USD $148,000 within one month. You selected a 20% referral reward plan. If the fee’s rate for that person’s transactions is 0.14%, or USD $207.20, then you get USD $41.44 as a referral reward.

Trading & Withdrawal Fees

On the Livecoin exchange, the minimum trading fee is 0.02% and the highest trading fee is 0.18%. These fees depend on the amount you trade.

For withdrawal fee, you have to check that on their fee page because every coin and payment method has different fees. Most coins have no deposit fee but every coin has a withdrawal fee.

Buy Crypto With Card Visa/MasterCard Credit Cards

The minimum amount of coin you can purchase is worth 10 USD, 10 EUR, or 1,000 RUR. The purchase fee is a bit high in comparison to other exchanges, you have to pay 4.45% of the transaction fee.

Livecoin Exchange Location

The negative thing is that they never shared the location of their offices. It is hard to trust such an exchange that doesn’t show transparency.

Livecoin API

Yes, livecoin API is available you can find that on your account page. I suggest you read more about API on your account page.

LiveCoin Exchange Links

Livecoin Coinmarketcap: Click here

Website of Livecoin: livecoin.net review

Is Legit or Scam?

Is Livecoin Scam? Many users reported that they are facing issues related to withdrawal and account lock but calling them scam because some users are facing issues is not fair, right? But using them when some users are facing issues is not secure too.

I suggest using them only if you want to trade a small amount else stay safe.

Conclusion: Thanks for reading my Livecoin review. Livecoin is a legit site but has some issues with them. You can use other bitcoin & altcoin exchanges instead of this site. In latest update it came up that Livecoin Exchange is a scam cypto exchange.

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