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Zloadr ICO – The First Viral News Publishing Platform

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Zloadr is a revolutionizing blockchain platform. Zloadr is a one-stop for content creators to get earn, reach, and sell their content to an effective and demanding audience. Zloadr is the solution for the content creators who are not getting enough income for their work. This platform allows creators to share or sell their content to buyers or viewers to gain income. zloadr exchange

Zloadr’s platform has already successfully created and distributed more than 450K articles and 21K publications. The full platform may launch in Q4 2017  with aggregators such as Yahoo, Google News, and MSN. Zloadr targets to grow the ad market and allow advertisers to reach their valuable and desired audience by using blockchain technology.

Advantages and Characteristics of Zloadr

Content Publishing: Users are able to encrypt their content on zloadr ICO and also can put preview options so visitors get attracted. Users can put a subscription fee for the content.

Payment and Royalties: All users wallets can be credited with fiat currency, by using direct bank or CC or DC cards. Fee and royalties are also paid to contributors and connectors.

Formatting and Delivery: The format of content or article will available in three formats, subscription, slide, and informative content. The content will send to third party retailers. zloadr coin

Distribution: Zloadrs aim to share your content worldwide with include high active websites. At the beta stage, Zloadr has already published more than 21K publications for sale. zloadr price

Profit: Consumers are given the option to purchase creators’ content or material on the platform. Creators retain the majority of the profit derived from their content/material published on the platform.

Spam and Plagiarism: To avoid spam of contents Zloadr platform will verify every content published on the platform with a spam checker and it ensures content is original or not.

Who can and Why should use the Zloadr ICO platform.

Creators: To earn income from the article, creators should join this platform to increase their revenue. Creators dashboard will available tools and analytics users interface to improve their understanding.

Contributors: Creators have to submit their articles on the platform or marketplace. A smart contract is set in place between the creators and the contributor for services rendered.

Advertisers: Advertisers can put their ads on the ZLOADR platform. Advertisers have to use ZDR tokens to pay users. Zloadr tokens

1ZDR token = 0.31$ 

Zloadr announced crowdsale for date 31st September 2017 which ends on 31st October 2017. The symbol of Zloadr token is ZDR. The total token supply in crowd sale is 100,000,000 ZDR tokens. 65M tokens will be allocated to crowd sale, 25M for team members. 5M tokens for research for the platform. 4M tokens for development. 100K reserve for future use and the last 600K tokens will be distributed to bounty hunters. zloadr airdrop

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