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10 Best Dogecoin Mining Pool To Mine Doge Coin In 2024

by cryptocreed
Best Dogecoin Mining Pool

Last Updated on January 30, 2024 by cryptocreed

Who doesn’t know about Dogecoin not everyone is sure if Dogecoin mining is profitable or not. Many factors affect Dogecoin mining and the Dogecoin Mining pool is one of them.

Doge Mining pools fees, payout periods, trust, and many more other things which you have to keep in mind before choosing them and this is what we check for you so you don’t have to waste your time instead you should focus on mining.

Currently, we are in a bear market, the rate of Doge is around $0.075 and we know that Elon Musk is supporting this coin. It doesn’t matter if you like him or not, if he can generate profit for you then nothing wrong with following him.

The all-time high was around $0.65, we are expecting a bull market in 2024, so if you manage to mine more profitable coins at the rate of $0.075 then and hold it for long then you can sell them for above $0.50 for sure.

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Best Dogecoin Mining Pool

Looking for the best DOGE coin mining pool that will provide an easy interface and secure withdrawal of your mined coin?  Here we picked the top 10 Dogecoin mining pools for you.

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EMCD is an advanced dogecoin mining pool not only mining is possible with them but you can also stake your coins to earn free APR.

You can mine coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash coin, ETC coin, and Dogecoin. They already have more than 120K registered users or miners.

Pool hash rate: 5.30 TH/s
Active workers: 5940
Payment methods: PPLNS+
Fees: 1.5%
Minimum Withdrawal: 1 Doge


ProHashing is one of the oldest Dogecoin mining pools but it is for the person who has some experience with mining pools. It was founded in 2013 and to date, they never faced any problems with the platform.

This mining pool allows you to mine Dogecoin and receive payment in other coins like Bitcoin and Litecoin. The blocks get mined on average every 60 seconds and the block reward is around 10010.

There is no withdrawal fee

Pool hash rate: 
Active workers: 
Payment methods: PPLNS, FPPS, & SOLO
Fees: 1.99%
Minimum Withdrawal: 10 Doge


DxPool is not a direct Dogecoin mining platform but still it supports Doge in another way. With Litcoin mining you can farm Doge as well.

They have a mobile app as well which helps users to create multi-accounting mining and wallet addresses for mining within the app. You can monitor your mining stats with a single page as it provides real-time updates.

You can mine the most active coins on DxPool like Xmr, Sc, Hns, Ckb, Kda, Stc, and Litecoin+Dogecoin.

Pool hash rate: 6.77 TH/s
Active workers: 5940
Payment methods: PPS
Fees: 3%
Minimum Withdrawal: 10 Doge


AiakaPool is the mining pool where you can find almost more than 20 coins to mine including Dogecoin, Ravencoin, and Litecoin.

This mining pool is available here since 2013 where you can mine Dogecoin. Unfortunately, this mining pool become very less active for Dogecoin miners but still, if you want to mine Dogecoin in Solo then you may try them.

It asks you to register using your email.

Pool hash rate: 1.17 GH/s
Active workers: 7
Payment methods: PPLNS, FPPS, & SOLO
Fees: 1%
Minimum Withdrawal: 10 Doge


MiningDutch.nl is a multi-coin mining pool from the Netherlands. It supports almost all coins. Their interface is quite messy as all coins are available in one place and it is hard to check details.

Pool hash rate: 3.92 TH/s
Active workers: 3000+
Payment methods: D-PPS, PROP, & SOLO
Fees: 1%
Minimum Withdrawal: 10 Doge


Looking for the best SOLO dogecoin mining pool they support coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, XEC, Litecoin, and Dogecoin then LuckyMonster is build for you.

The pool hash rate is 571 GH/s and the network hash rate is 751 TH/s. They have 52 miners mining Dogecoin. The block reward is 10000 DOGE.

Pool hash rate: 571 GH/s
Active workers: 52
Payment methods: SOLO
Fees: 0.5%
Minimum Withdrawal: 10 Doge

What Is Merged Mining Litecoin+Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is basically a clone of Litecoin the team who created Litecoin has a hand in creating Dogecoin. If Litecoin fails then Dogecoin will face problems as the network security provided to Dogecoin is by Litecoin only.

Is Dogecoin Still Mineable?

Yes, Dogecoin is still mineable as it works on PoW instead of PoS. Recently Ethereum moved from PoW to PoS so you can’t mine Ethereum but still, you can mine Dogecoin using your hardware.

What Is The Best Pool For Mining Dogecoin?

It is no doubt that Dogecoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies but there are very limited numbers of Dogecoin mining pools where you can mine Dogecoin.

We already mentioned a list of the active and best pools for mining Dogecoin. For me, AikaPool is one of the best dogecoin mining pools to mine Doge cryptocurrency.

Can Dogecoin Be Mined For Free?

Dogecoin can be mined for free by using free Dogecoin cloud mining platforms. So at first, you have to search for such cloud mining platform that supports Dogecoin and it allows you to mine free Doge.

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