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Top 5 Best Callisto Mining Pool To Mine CLO Coin

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Last Updated on March 28, 2023 by cryptocreed

Callisto is there in the crypto market world since 2018 and it is not still reached the level that any big coin should reach. Ethereum is still unbeatable in mining but as the latest upgrade, you can’t mine the original Eth.

The feature of Cal coin is that it can go up to 100K tx per second with claimed lowest transaction fee. The highest block reward is 7776 CLO with a block interval is 15 sec. The algorithm base is Dagger Hashimoto.

Let’s check out the list of available best Callisto mining pools that you can use to mine Callisto coin (CLO Coin).

5 Best Callisto Mining Pool

Below are the 5 best and most trusted Callisto mining pools to mine CLO coins. Check out the callisto mining pool list.

2Miners – Best Pool For Callisto Mining

2Miners is the first choice of miners to mine any coin as they support every minable coin, check out this article on why 2miners is good.

It is available on the internet for miners since 2016 popularly known for Ethereum and Bitcoin mining pool but later expanded to other coins as well.

As of now, there are 200 miners mining CLO on the 2Miners pool. The network hash rate is 198.29 GH/s and the network difficulty is 2.53 T.

The mining payout is only 10 CLO coins.


Love to mine coins solo? Then you will love this mining pool, it allows you to mine coins, Solo. The pool hash rate is 5.25 GH/s.

While pool luck is 11% and network difficulty is 2.565 T. They have servers in the USA and Europe. The minimum payout is only 1 CLO while there is a platform fee of 1.5%.


Comining is a mining pool that supports 8 coins for mining and it includes the Callisto mining pool as well. There are 7 active workers mining CLO coins on comining mining pool.

They do have mobile apps as well for iOS and Android devices available on the respective store.

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