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Ethereum Mining Pool Comparison: Ethermine vs 2Miners [2023]

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on March 28, 2023 by cryptocreed

Are you a crypto miner? Then you may hear about these two Ethereum mining pools. In this post, I am going to show you Ethermine vs 2Miners comparison.

At the time of writing this post, the rate of Ethereum is $1136 for 1 ETH and holding the second position since it’s launch. You can purchase Ethereum from any trusted cryptocurrency exchange.

Let’s know which one is the best mining pool to mine Ethereum coin.

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Basic Information

Ethermine: Ethermine was launched in the year 2014 and currently covers more than 21% of the total hash rate distribution.

2Miners: It is active since 2017 and covers only 2% of the total hash rate distribution. It makes 2Miners the 6th largest Ethereum mining pool.

Reward Methods

Ethermine: They do have PPLNS rewarding method and they claim that PPLNS is far better than the PPS method. They took a 1% fee.

2Miners: 2miners also supports the PPLNS payout method and it takes the same fee as Ethermine, 1%. But as it is also available for solo mining they do charge 1.5% for solo mining.

Pool Network Hashrate

There is a huge difference in pool network hash rate. Ethermine’s hash rate is  64.1 TH/s. Whereas 2Miners network hash rate is 6.08 TH/s.

This is for current time data, it can increase or decrease if you are reading this later.

Numbers of Users

Ethermine: It has more than 350K workers and more than 90K active miners.

2Miners: They do have more than 25K registered users and around 10K active miners.

Available Coins To Mine

On Ethermine you will find limited numbers of cryptocurrencies to mine but on 2Miner you will find more than 16 cryptocurrencies to mine, Dagger Hashimoto and Equihash coins include.

Payout Details

Ethermine: The Ethermine minimum payout is 0.05 Ethereum and the maximum withdrawal is 10 ETH each day.

2Miners: The minimum payout on 2miners is 0.05 Ethereum only but nothing is mentioned regarding the maximum payout limit.

Conclusion: Both Ethermine & 2Miners are trusted and highly recommend mining pools. It is up to you what suits you well. You can find all the major details in our Ethermine vs 2Miners comparison post. 2miner vs ethermine.

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