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TraderWagon Review: Legit Or Scam Binance Backed Trading Platform

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on March 23, 2023 by cryptocreed

Trading cryptocurrency is the best way to generate money online.  you can make a good amount of money from cryu[tpocurrcurrency trading online.

There are many platforms where you can start cryptocurrency trading online and there are many scam sites too. It is hard to choose a legit one.

The TraderWagon is the platform that is supported by the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Binance-backed TraderWagon, if you are trading on Binance actively then you might know the trading tools that they support and TraderWagon is one of them.

Copy trading is growing and now you can copy trades on one of the biggest crypto exchanges.

What Is the TraderWagon?

TraderWagon was launched with the aim of providing the best and safest cryptocurrency trading experience to traders online. It is supported by Binance and it is the official partner of the binance exchange.

The website claims that any type of trader can use the platform to start trading cryptocurrency and can make a good amount of money through their trading strategies.

If you are going to use the TraferWagon then you don’t need to keep your eyes open on your trades as trades will get performed on the basis of the other trader’s trades, the one whom you are following.

How To Join TraderWagon?

You can join TraderWagon using your email, mobile number, or Binance account. Yes, you can register using your Binance account as well.

Using a Binance account with third-party apps is not a good idea but as Binance itself is supporting the TW then you can put your trust in them as well.

If you are a newbie then I do not suggest holding or storing all of your money or crypto in one place whether it is an exchange or a wallet.

How To Use TraderWagon?

To use the platform you need to login into your account first. Once you logged in, make sure to connect your Binance account with your account.

Once you connected your Binance account then it means you are ready to start using the platform for real games.

On the dashboard, you can find a list of active traders with their stats including the profit they made. Now click on the Copy button that you can find next to every trader. Make sure you already connected your binance account as the users who haven’t connected Binance account can’t copy traders.

Once you have copied the trader put the money to work. Now relax and see the game. Once your trader makes a profit then you are also in the same boat which means you will also make a profit.

TraderWagon Is Legit Or Scam?

Binance is not going to support scam projects so yes Traderwagon is a legit platform but it is good for users or not? Let’s see what their users are saying about them.

They have a mobile app available on Play Store and App Store. On Play Store they have more than 10K downloads and have a rating of 4.6 out of 5 from 1250+ reviews. On App Store, they have a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 87 reviews. The rating on stores shows that users are happy with the platform.

Note: Register using my link to get a 5% reward back for every trade.

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1 comment

Simba November 24, 2023 - 9:00 pm

By no means you can “relax and see the game”. It is a shady game by all means, where a good top trader with a good rate that is being copied by hundreds of thousands of dollars just out of a sudden do unrational bets, impossible very difficult to work operations that not even a kid would and then you lose most of what you made or had. Very sus, it doesnt happen on binance so you have no clue where the money went.


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