Minexcoin Review




Minexcoin is a derivative of Bitcoin source code but with some important changes to make transaction faster and make whole system more stable. To earn good amount of profit  people are to invest more and more in cryptocurrency with good strategy and have deep knowledge about cryptocurency. Investing in new altcoin is not always good deal sometime users didn’t get good return or they just get scammed.


MinexCoin (MNC) is a global payments system based on a low volatility cryptocurrency.

Dues to it’s stable exchange rate the Minexcoin is a reliable means of exchange. Minexcoin aims to become a commonly used currency like fiat currency. The risk factor was reduced by minexcoin  based on a  low volatility  cryptocurrency, thanks to it’s stable exchange rate and it’s ecosystem. In minexcoin ecosystem, exchaneg rate and volatility get maintained by MinexBank (some people say’s Central Bank of Minexcoin), not like other coin which get worst to buy because of price rate.

Minexcoin are build in the way by which users can use minexcoin for online shopping, online digital assets exchange, to invest in the program or to buy bitcoin or any other operation. It’s easy to spent as like one click work.

Their was one defferent attractive feature of minexcoin is “Parking”, If users deposit their coin in minexcoin not used for some decided time ,users wil get upto 70% profit from the coin which was park by users. MinexCoin is a  to low volatility is a robust reserve cryptocurrency and  may be adopted as global money.

Building minexcoin is not game it needs more hardwork and knowledge and minexcoin has best team to handle this. Boris Shulyaev is  Founder and CEO of Minexcoi Ruslan Babych is  CTO Vladislav Zaychuk is a Lead Developer Daniel Shulyaev is Community Manager and for detailed of whole team visit here: https://minecoin.org/team

There was already two months beta testing phase which was finished in november 2016. First round of ICO was successfully conducted and securing presubscription for 2M Minexcoin to build stable and strong community of investors. 1.5M Minexcoin will be sold suring the second round of ICO, theya dded that the purpose of phase two is to determine market price of the coin immediately before entering in exchange. Phase two will run almost 1 month, from 15th May 2017 to 13th June 2017.

Formula to calculate price

Y = ( X + Х1 ) / Z

Y=  market exchange rate

X= volume of involved investors funds

X1= volume of bonuses accrued  by early participants

Z= amounts of the coins available for the ICO

Bonuses are available for phase two:

Kingoffaucet Minexcoinac

MinexCoin specifications

  • Name: Minexcoin
  • Ticker: MNC
  • Hashing algorithm: Mars
  • Total amount: 19 000 000 MNC
  • Block rewards: 2.5 MNC
  • Block size: 2 MB
  • Block time: 2 min 45 sec


Minexcoin bounty campaigns are best way to distribute MNC and to attracte more investors. Bounty campaign started on 29 March 2017 and finished on 13 June 2017. There are total number of 3M MNC reserved for this bounty. You can read rules and which types of bounties are there here and for any question or query regarding bounty campaign can ask here.

Contact Links:

Website : https://minexcoin.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/minexcoin

FB: https://www.facebook.com/minexcoin

BitcoinTalk.org: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1847292.0


Bounty ID : 4057