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EXSCUDO – Nextgen Financial Ecosystem

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Updated 2020: EON is now available on an exchange but not on a public exchange. They are listed on their own exchange.

The cryptocurrency market is growing day by day very fast and more people joining the cryptocurrency community, as with new people join this community also new cryptocurrency comes in a market race. Exscudo is the best platform which offers a to make cryptocurrency more realistic. Exscudo comes in the cryptocurrency market to solve some issues like illegal trading, slow speed, security, complicated procedures, shopping matter.

Exscudo offers a simple way of analyzing even for beginners using charts to technical indicators. It was designed in a way by which anyone can access the cryptocurrency market easily and fast. Exscudo team decided to distribute debit cards for their users but unfortunately, they cancel this decision because of an inner problem.

Exscudo currency is an EON coin that has a current cost of 1 EON is  0.0002 BTC. This is the best platform to invest and get a good profit from the transaction confirmations upon launching EON blockchain nodes using the amount of EON owned. Exscudo system also provides up to 10 % more coins than the actual launch price as early investors bonus. If users buy or pre-order some amount of EON coins before the launch of ICO they will get some decided amount of bonuses, if you booked EON coins within the 48 hours of the ICO you will get 10% and so on.


Exscudo Wallet & Messenger

exscudo wallet

Exscudo offers mobile app wallet to top their users. Users can use this app in three ways users can pay the amount, can control the transactions, and exchange the EON coins with others also with fiat money so it makes users free. Exscudo takes a small amount of fee for transactions it depends on the transaction. With exscudo wallet and other basic features, exscudo has one very amazing feature that is channel protected messenger. It was an innovative step in the cryptocurrency market. It helps to instant response between the sender and receiver.

Exscudo ICO

Exscudo ICO starts on 25th April 2017 at 18:00 GMT and it was until 31st May 2017. There was a 240 000 000 EON coins emitted instantly after the launch of ICO and for sale, there was a 150 720 000 EON coin available at the ICO launch anyone can but them with Bitcoin. As added above 1 EON coin is equal to 0.0002 BTC.

Bounty Campaign

To spread the word of Exscudo in front of the whole cryptocurrency market, the team started a bounty program in which users can participants to share and earn EON coins. 240 000 000 EON coins are reserved for this bounty campaign.

There are some basic rules to understand before joining in any of the bounty campaigns.

To receive your rewards you must have an account on the Exscudo website and there you can find bounty details easily. All rewards will send to your account. There are various types of campaigns available such as twitter, Facebook, bitcointalk signature campaign, bitcointalk translation, and moderation, writing blog posts, and posting articles in popular media. The price of the bounty will be distributed after the end of ICO.



Exscudo Team 

  • Andrew Zimine: CEO, founder
  • Alex Sitnikov: CTO, founder
  • Julian Kossinov: Legal and Financial Advisor, European & North, American Markets Advisor
  • Alex Rebyakov: Lead Core Developer
  • Eugen Tchudinovskih: Lead Developer of trading terminals
  • Christian Kossinov: Financial Strategy Advisor, European and Asian Markets, Advisor
  • Oleg Bondar: Head of Front-End and App Development
  • Konstantin Afanasiev: Head of UX/UI
  • Aliaksandr Zahatski; Head of Web Development
  • Anton Baukin; Lead Java Developer

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