Bank of Uganda onecoin

Africa’s Central Bank Warn About Onecoin

Last Updated on February 18, 2017 by CryptoCreed

The Bank of Uganda published an advisory ewarlier today which called for consumers to be mindful of the risks of investing in digital currencies.

Bank of Uganda onecoin

Specifically,the notice highlights the creation of a company named “One Coin Digital Money” that has set up shop in Kampala.

According to Cantral Bank of Uganda,”Any person who deals with Onecoin company  does so at his or her own risk”.

The notice goes on to explain;”the company is still in his formative stages but it is aggressively encouraging members to buy digital money and promising very high returns and rewards on ~First come first served basis


Onecoin is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) system,through which propspective investors buy packages of “tokens” that can be redeemed on a platform said to act as a hub for mining,or the process by which new transaction are added to a blockchain.In hallmark of the pyramid scheme concept Onecoin also teases major financial gains for those who can recruit others to invest- a characteristic that has sparked criticism and accuastions of being scam.

The warning represents the latest scrutiny directed towards Onecoin,which has drawn the ire of regulators across Europe,also sparking an investigation by the London Police.Nigeria’s Central bank issued a similar warning last month,today missive indicates  that financial overseers in Africa are looking at Onecoin more closely.

In addition to Onecoin,the document names Bitcoin,XRP,Peercoin,namecoin,dogecoin,litecoin,bytecoin,primecoin, and blackcoin as other examples.

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