Lunyr-Ethereum based decentralized encyclopedia

Lunyr Kingoffaucet

Lunyr Kingoffaucet

Lunyr is an Ethereum-based decentralized crowdsourced encyclopedia which rewards users with app tokens for peer-reviewing and contributing information.

Lunyr is pronounced as a “lunar.” The Lunyr is decentralized encyclopedia which reward their users for peer-reviewing and contributing information, rewards are in a app tokens. Lunyr tokens (LUN) are used to place ads on the platform. Lunyrs main aim is finding reliable and accurate information. The developers are able to use Lunyr’s API for creating anrtificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and many more.


There are  three different types of  tokens used in lunyr network, LUN, CBN, HNR. LUN tokens are used to buy advertising on the network.  Honour tokens will be used for dispute resolution and it cannot be transferred to any other user and CBN tokens are used as a calculation basis to identify the amount of LUN a network participant will receive. Lunyr aim to build “the next,better and decentralized wikipedia”, which represent a technology that will be highly accurate and fast-growing. Once the platform matures as a knowledge base, real-time contribution of multi-language data shall be made available. Via the use of a custom API, developers will be enabled to use the knowledge base for the creation of innovative applications such as AI, VR or AR.


LUNYR Decentralized World Knowledge Bas It’s easy to understand from roadmap, how Lunyr will happen. Their are various steps from the crowdsale too galaxy lunyr API download lunyr whitepaper now. It’s roadmap shows that starting of lunyr from 2017 and it finished its platform to perform perfectly in year 2019.


Lunyr Crowdsale

The Lunyr crowdsale starts on 29 March 2017 at 16:00 UTC (based on ethereum block number) using Ethereum and will sell tokens at the rate of 44/ETH. Lunyr has a target to achieve minimum of 25,000 ETH for the sale to be considered a success. If Lunyr fails to raised minimum number of 25,000 ETH, all ETH will be returned to contributors.

The distribution of LUN tokens in crowdsale are in following way, 75% of LUN tokens will be distributed to ICO participants. 15% LUN tokens for Lunyr team and advisors, for marketing 5% of LUN tokens are available and of 2% of LUN tokens are reserved for bug bounty if you found any bug in their system or website then contact them.


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