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GetBounty Project- Get Free Ethereum Token [Closed]

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by cryptocreed

GetBounty (XBTY) is a digital token, standard token ERC20 on Ethereum blockchain. XBTY is easily accessible with every Ethereum wallet which supports ERC20 and smart contracts that used the ERC20 standard. It can be used for many different purposes such as coins, certificates, IOUs, in-game credits, the currency for services, etc. Our main aim is to develop as many services as possible and also to invite the whole community to join and help.

Token information

Blockchain: Ethereum blockchain
Token name: Bounty
Token symbol: XBTY

Decimals: 18
Total supply: 3,141,592
Contract source-code: View source-code
Block explorer: View block explorer

Currently, XBTY team working on given preferences and they most welcome more ideas from their users if you have some ideas then don’t hesitate to share them with them 

  • A P2P VPN service where you can host an Exit-Node and get paid with XBTY by anybody who’s using your Exit-Node as a VPN connection
    (streaming Netflix in countries where it’s not available, browse safely while connected to public WIFI or other untrusted networks, etc);
  • An online Poker Holdem game (We are still planning if to use XBTY directly as chips or to use XBTY to buy chips and cash-out chips for XBTY);
  • An online Business or Service directory database where you can post information about your bitcoin/ethereum based business or service
    to increase your online visibility. This service will require XBTY to post your business/service, increasing demand for XBTY;
  • An online magazine with blockchain-tech related articles (similar to Coindesk). Advertorials and Banner ads will be paid in XBTY;

How to use Bounty (XBTY) with myetherwallet.com

1. Click on “Add custom token”
2. Insert token information:
– Address: 0x22a3B451d60A72388a37c97Bc517E44ad76A50F7
– Token symbol: XBTY
– Decimal: 18

There are 3,141,592  tokens are for bounty distribution and one can get this by joining their bounty campaign, The campaigns are like Twitter campaign, Facebook, signature, translation, blog or media article, marketing bounties, development bounties, and last for GetBounty team are 15% reserved.  Anyone can be part of this free distribution of Ethereum tokens by participating in bounty campaigns. You can check here more detail about the Bounty program

Contact Links

Website link: https://getbounty.net/

Blog:  Blog Link

Twitter: Click here

Facebook: click here 

BitcoinTalk.org: click here

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