EncryptoTel: Secure VoIP & B2B blockchain communications infrastructure


EncryptoTel is first blockchain technology which concentrate for Secure VoIP & B2B blockchain communications infrastructure . EncryptoTel is combination of most promising technology and communication sector of VoIP and virtual PBX (private branch exchange) with encryption. EncryptoTel technologies main aim to focus on security of network encryption to communicate using blockchain technology as the future of communication technology.

This technology can be get connected and used in various devices  and systems are like Windows, Linux operating system, iOS and even in android SIP. EncryptoTel team said that they believe “EncryptoTel will enable us to become a leader in the PBX industry. Audio and vedio calling and instant messaging are insecure and prone to survillance and exploitation by govt. as well as being less efficient and cost-effective than be expected.

EncryptoTel has already tested and completed a working beta of core software and which was succedd. EncryptoTel will charge for their services on both subscription  & pay-as-you-go-basis. With the help of blockchain technology, sales and revenue statistics will be transparent to all.


The EncryptoTel  crowdsale  will start on 24th April 2017 and it will run for next  37 days continuously and it was ending on 31 May 2017 at 23:59 UTC.

The sold price of EncryptoTel  Token (ETT) is 0.000047BTC at around 21,277 ETT/BTC.There is no pre-determined supply of ETT. The number of tokens were depend on how much investors join this great project.

No further tokens will ever be created after the ICO, supply will be fixed.

EncryptoTel aims to gain a minimum of $100,000 ,after which core product will released. If all funds are not reached the minimum of $100,00 , all fund will returned to investors. Target #2 of $250,000 will enable broader functionality and a greater degree of publicity and in tartget #3: $1 to 3 million raise would allow to aggressive entry into the telecommunication market and acquisition of licences to allocate phone numbers directly to customers.

When the Crowdsale ends the numbers of ETT tokens are sold will be created on the blockchain.

For crowdsales,there are  bonuses or discounts in four phase for early investors,are as given below:

Day #1 : 20% Bonus (25,532 ETT/BTC)

Day #2 – 7 : 10% Bonus (23,404 ETT/BTC)

Day #8 – 14: 5% Bonus (22,340 ETT/BTC)

Day #15 – 37 : no bonuses here  (21,277 ETT/BTC)

EncryptoTel ETT will conduct audit of deposits before tokens are craeted and distributed at the end of the crowdsales on 31th may 2017.at the time of distribution tokens can be transfered using the waves wallet and traded on any waves supporting exchanges services.

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  • Blockchain

This services based on Blockchain technology which assures security, encrypted and anonymity.

  • PBX

Fully-fledged automatic cloud PBX

  • Unlimited communication

Free number and unlimited communication inside the network

  • Encryption

Proprietary MITM attack-resistant encryption protocol

  • Privacy

Phone number substitution/masking, conversations encryption, absence of logging

  • Coverage area

Direct-dial numbers in more than 100 countries all over the world for used this communication technologies, you can also used this app for video call and instant messenger.

  • API

Integration with external services

  • Call Mining

This is one of the attracting feature of EncryptoTel, users can earn rewards through communicating with others anyone and anywhere.

  • Waves

Distribution of assets and escrow using waves platform for secure crowdsale this platform

  • Partnership program

Earn benefits for on-boarding new clients


Contact Support

E-mail support: Realrimlin@gmail.com , r.nekrasov@encrypto.tel

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Website : EncryptoTel