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Ethereum Mining Comparison: Hiveon, Flexpool, and Sparkpool vs Ethermine

by cryptocreed

Last Updated on December 28, 2021 by cryptocreed

Today I am going to write a full Ethereum mining pool comparison of Hiveon, Flexpool, Sparkpool, and Ethermine. If you are looking for the ETH mining pool then you will love this comparison.

I already published comparison articles for the following mining pool.

I personally suggest doing cloud mining or crypto trading instead of mining Ethereum through hardware. You can also purchase Ethereum through various crypto exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, FTX, or Okex.

You can either purchase Ethereum mining GPUs or can build your own Ethereum mining rig at home.

Want to have mining operating systems? HiveOS and RavOS are best.

So let’s start our comparison.

SparkPool Ethereum Mining Pool

Sparkpool mining pool is active since 2016 and it is a China-based mining pool. The website is designed very simple but the overall website is a bit complex for very newbie miners.

It is a #1 as per the total market coverage area and Ethermine is just one spot behind Sparkpool. Sparkpool doesn’t only allow you to mine Ethereum but it also allows its users to stake their coins.

As this is a mixed Ethereum mining pool comparison of Sparkpool Vs Ethermine and other pools I will talk about Ethermine in the last.

It supports 3 major cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, CKB, and Beam.

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Pool Hash Rate

The current total hash rate for Ethereum coin on Sparkpool is 126.6 TH/s and it covers around 25% of the total mining pool. And this is the only reason why it is a number one Ethereum mining pool.

Sparkpool fee is a 1% commission fee which equals to other mining pools as well.

Total Numbers Of SparkPool users

As per the current stats, they have more than 51K active miners and 730K workers. These numbers can get change anytime.

Sparkpool Payout

The rewarding method is PPS which means Pay Per Share. If you don’t know different methods of mining pool payout then you should read an article on Different Methods Of Mining Pool Payout.

The minimum payout is 0.10 ETH only. You can either set auto-withdrawal or manual withdrawal in case you put withdrawal on the auto you will get your payout each day to your wallet automatically once, only when you have 0.10 ETH or more.

Customer Support

Users can contact the support team through various methods including Telegram, WeChat, QQGroup, Discord, and Ticket. Also can get premium support for big miners, one to one support.

HiveOn Ethereum Mining Pool

HiveOn is the well-known Ethereum and Ethereum Classic mining pool. Not only that it is also famous because of its 0% commission fee. If you are planning to mine ETH or ETC then you must check their features before choosing any mining pool.

There are more than 52K active miners and 135K workers are currently working with the Hiveon mining pool. At the time of writing this post, they support two major cryptocurrencies ETH and ETC.

Their forum page is one of the best things on mining pool websites, it is very active. HiveOn pool servers are available in the following regions Russia, US West, Asia-Pacific, North America West, and Europe.

Pool Hash Rate

If we check Hiveon pool stats, they are standing on the 5th spot as per total market coverage. The network hash rate is 25.9 TH/s which means 5.1% of the total market hash rate. For the ETC coin, it is 1.08 TH/S.

You don’t need to pay any fee on your earnings to the platform as they do not ask either.

Hiveon Users

They have more than 53K active miners and more than 139K active workers.

Hiveon Payout

Their rewarding method is PPS+ with a 0% withdrawal fee. Their minimum payout is also similar to SparkPool, 0.1 ETH for Ethereum miners and 1 ETC for Ethereum Classic miners.

You can calculate your daily earning by using Hiveon calculator available on the homepage of their website.

Customer Support

Hiveon customer support is far better than Ethermine. You can ask for help by using their live support chat, or you can ask your question in telegram groups which are available in two different languages Russia and English.

Moreover, you can also ask questions in their forum which is active.


Flexpool was founded in the year 2020. The website claims that it is the largest North American Ethereum mining pool. The website design of Flexpool is very cool and simple to understand, not like other sites where you have to move your cursor to find out details.

Flexpool has also published a very simple guide on how to use their mining pool.

Flexpool Calculator

Flexpool mining calculator

Pool Hash Rate

The pool hash rate of Flexpool is around 7.88 TH/s. This is not too big but it manages to come in the top 10 Ethereum mining pool list.

They do not have a fee but they have something similar which is known as Pool Donation, default pool donation is 1% which users can change from the setting page.

Active miners on Flexpool

At the time of writing, they have 9579 active miners for ETH coin and 21375 active workers for the same. As they are growing rapidly, these numbers can get change soon. Visit their website for more latest information.

Flexpool Payout

The rewarding method is PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares). The minimum withdrawal is 0.05 ETH only and you can withdraw up to 100 ETH at once.

As per the website, payments are sent every hour. It means if you have more than 0.05 ETH then you can receive a payment within an hour.

Customer Support

You can ask for help by using their live chat support. You can also visit their support page and send their email using their mail address. Or you can join their Telegram which has 800+ miners who are ready to help you.

Click here to visit their support page and you will find their social media links on their website page, scroll down.

SparkPool Vs Ethermine, HiveOn vs EtherMine, Flexpool Vs Ethermine Which one Is Best Mining Pool?

All these pools are best at their place but choosing one from them is a hard task. You can’t just simply ignore anyone.

SparkPool Vs Ethermine? Sparkpool takes a 1% fee whereas Flexpool and Hiveon don’t take fees. But sparkpool is currently serving 25% of the total Ethereum mining community and Ethermine covers 20%.

To choose one of them you have to compare by using their calculators, which are available on their website, or visit here to calculate profitability.

Also, check for the available servers and choose the nearest server offering platform.

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